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SLIPKNOT - All Hope is Gone


Where has SLIPKNOT been hiding this album? On the band’s fifth (that’s right, fifth regardless of what their label or the band themselves tell you) album, the band pulls out all the stops, resulting in their most metal album to date. Anchored by lead drummer Joey Jordison’s flurries of double-bass and blast beats, the first three proper songs “Gematria,” “Sulfur,” and “Psychosocial” charge forth full-throttle with stomping rhythms and crunchy, catchy riffs. Further elevating the material at hand are guitarists Mick Thomson and Jim Root, who comfortably deliver a series of shredding yet melodic leads throughout the aforementioned songs as well as most of All Hope is Gone. While the band loses some momentum on the experimental, plodding “Butcher’s Hook” (which comes across as an unfinished idea) and the somewhat goofy, ill-advised chorus to “Gehenna,” the band is back in business with “This Cold Black” and the aggression and energy level is kept up throughout the remainder of the album. The exception being the STONE SOUR-influenced tear jerking ballad “Snuff,” which can be avoided with the skip button. Although most have already made up their mind about SLIPKNOT, and it’s easy to dismiss the band for their image, the masks, the seemingly hokey mythology created for “the nine” and their “maggots,” what can’t easily be dismissed is the high level of quality musicianship, powerful performances delivered on All Hope is Gone. Maybe producer Dave Fortman (SUPERJOINT RITUAL) breathed new life in to the band, perhaps Colin Richardson’s (NAPALM DEATH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, MACHINE HEAD, etc.) mix brought out the beast or maybe five albums in, the band’s vision has finally gelled in a way that even naysayers can’t deny. Whatever the case, All Hope is Gone is the band’s most effective, powerful statement to date, and is easily the band’s finest hour. (Roadrunner Records)