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SNAPCASE - Bright Flashes


I know that I’m not alone when I say that SNAPCASE’s last album, End Transmission, was one of the best albums to come out of the hardcore scene in recent memory. Thankfully, Victory Records has released the addendum to End Transmission in the form of Bright Flashes. This release contains five songs that were recorded during the End Transmission sessions but never made the final cut of the album. I’m happy to report that these songs are great and are certainly not throwaway b-sides. ????? ???? ???? ?????? They contain the same soulful and memorable brand of hardcore/alternative rock that SNAPCASE has perfected. Speaking of alternative rock, songs from DEVO (“Freedom of Choice” and “Gates of Steel”), JANE’S ADDICTION (“Mountain Song”), and HELMET (“Blacktop”) get the SNAPCASE treatment. They are strong, faithful renditions of the originals that help to shed light on where some of their non-hardcore inspiration may have come from. There are three electronic remixes from various songs off of End Transmission. While they offer something different and interesting, they are nothing significantly special when compared to bands such as ULVER who have done this kind of thing far better. Also thrown in for good measure is the video for “A Synthesis of Classic Forms.” This release is definitely worth picking for fans of End Transmission based on the strength of the five unreleased songs alone. Bright Flashes was clearly made for those already familiar with the band and easily succeeds in tiding them over until the next studio album is released. (Victory Records)