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SOFA KING KILLER ??" Lust, Crime, and Holiness


After coming off of a great split CD with LEECHMILK, SOFA KING KILLER release this nice little EP to tide fans over until their next full length album. SOFA KING KILLER deliver bluesy, heavy, doom in the vein of bands such as SOURVEIN and EYEHATEGOD. One thing that distinguishes the band from others in the genre is that they really emphasize grooviness in their riffs. Lust, Crime, and Holiness is comprised of 4 songs and clocks in at just over 20 minutes. “Die Like an Astronaut” is the strongest track on the EP. The catchy sludgy groove of the song best showcases what the band are all about. The instrumental song, “Blues Couch” is a quiet little piece of blues with two acoustic guitars. You can picture yourself relaxing on the porch of a house overlooking the bayou. “CLE” opens with a riff that could have been on SABBATH’s Master of Reality. A droning riff leads the song into a gradual fade during its last 2 minutes. “Burn the Fields” has a great middle break where a strong charging riff leads the tempo. While this is a cool EP, there are only 3 solid songs on here and it may not be enough to attract new fans. (At A Loss Recordings)