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SOURVEIN - Will To Mangle


SOURVEIN make their Southern Lord Records debut in style. This is true doom - heavy, ugly, and honest. SOURVEIN specialize in the punk rock-inspired doom sludge that has made bands like EYEHATEGOD and SLEEP, legends in the underground. Their weapons of choice are thick downtuned guitars, agonized vocals, and the omnipresent influence of BLACK SABBATH. The eight songs on Will To Mangle are all pretty solid, although not drastically different from one another. They all travel at predominantly mid-pace and last for about five minutes each, so as not to allow the listener to get lost and bored. There are some real catchy numbers on this album such as “Carveblind[In Faith]” and “Zeropath.” The production is perfect for SOURVEIN’s style of music. It also compliments the band’s sound -heavy and dirty, yet crystal clear. Liz Buckingham has the guitar sound that many a doomster would kill for. All in all, SOURVEIN isn’t reinventing the wheel. But they are adding another cool record to the small, but always growing genre of doom. (Southern Lord)