STOLEN BABIES – There Be Squabbles Ahead

Los Angeles’ STOLEN BABIES are undoubtedly one of the most unique and hard to describe bands in heavy music to emerge in quite some time. There Be Squabbles Ahead sounds like a tripped out romp through a wicked and twisted LSD-laden ride through an evil Alice in Wonderland adventure, a Tim Burton claymation movie, and a mad carnival funhouse all rolled up into one. Sonically, STOLEN BABIES are all over the heavy rock map as the influences range from so many different eras and genres including punk, metal, gothic rock, alternative rock, carnival music, industrial, and even a bit of twisted polka. However, they are far from one of these bands that carelessly graft different genres into each other and call it a style. The musical influences are readily apparent but it’s the seamless execution and totally insane mentality behind the music that really make STOLEN BABIES stand out. Vocalist/accordion player Dominique Lenore Persi is an immense force up front and is a true talent. Her charisma and amazingly strong and diverse vocal talents really push the band over the top. If you want throat shredding screams, she can nail it better than any other “female fronted death metal band” out there. If you want great clean vocals with attitude, she can nail that too. Seriously, she could probably sing just about anything you could ask for. Bassist/guitarist Rani Sharone should also get credit for helping co-write all the songs on There Be Squabbles Ahead. At the album’s conclusion, you’ll feel like the wild rollercoaster is over. STOLEN BABIES have written a fantastic one-of-a kind album and have all the ingredients to become stars and break into the mainstream eye. The hooks, charisma, and lasting impression are all present and ready to twist your mind at the touch of a button. (The End Records)

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