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STRETCH ARM STRONG take full advantage of their major label debut with a solid outing in Free At Last. The album provides a strong mix of melodic hardcore, punk, pop punk, and rock. SICK OF IT ALL and SNAPCASE are points of reference but only serve to describe part of the band’s sound. “The Hardest Part” kicks open the door with vibrancy and alludes to the high energy songs that lay ahead. There’s no denying that STRETCH ARM STRONG possess pop sensibilities and they utilize this to their utmost advantage. Virtually every song here is pretty damn catchy and could easily outclass the popular bands in the mainstream eye that struggle to write a single decent song. Standouts include “The Sound of Names Dropping,” “Every Last Minute,” and “This Time.” As with every STRETCH ARM STRONG album, the lyrics come from the heart which only brings the listeners closer. The production is crisp, bright, and highlights the tight and solid musicianship. Overall, Free At Last should satisfy their dedicated fanbase as well as bring in new fans. (We Put Out Records/East West Records)