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TENHI - Maaäet


Finland’s TENHI have transcended beyond the realms of reality and created a work of art that is beyond the reach of most mortals. Describing them merely as “neo-progressive dark folk” only scratches the surface of the profound musical expression that is TENHI. Maaäet is a compelling, melancholic, and introspective album inspired by nature. The band’s sound is mainly based on acoustic guitar, violin, piano, drums, and subtle synth work. The vocal croons and chants are fragile and delicate in delivery but no less powerful in communication. The songs structures are based predominantly on the guitar with the rest of the instrumentation taking a complimentary role. The songs are refreshingly catchy and memorable. Maaäet’s biggest strength is in the enveloping atmospheres that speak to the listener’s soul than merely appealing to his ears. TENHI is undoubtedly a band that will be difficult for the inexperienced to get into. Those who dare to venture into their world will find much inspiration in the artistic brilliance of Maaäet. (Prophecy Productions)