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TERROR 2000 - Faster Disaster


The in-your-face thrash attack otherwise known at TERROR 2000 came out swinging with their promising first album, Slaughterhouse Supremacy. Unfortunately, their follow-up Faster Disaster is almost just that…a near disaster. Their fault lies in their contention to simply play fast, riff-tastic, “retro” thrash. Although that’s great for those who eat this stuff up, in the end, Faster Disaster is just another ho-hum metal album. New drummer, Erik Thyselius, bashes away, doing a respectable job replacing former drummer, Henry Ranta (also in SOILWORK and THE DEFACED). However, Thyselius lacks the overall vibrancy of Ranta. Some bright spots do exist, fortunately, in the form of a few great “Speed” Strid choruses. Knowing that “Speed” is no average, screaming goon (as exemplified by his handiwork in SOILWORK), he is able to spice up a few moments within the limiting framework of the TERROR 2000 thrash-a-thon. (See intro track “Back with Attack”.) Despite that, the lack of memorable hooks ultimately leaves Faster Disaster on a speedway to Crashville. (Nuclear Blast)