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THE BLOOD DIVINE - Rise Pantheon Dreams


Rise Pantheon Dreams is a “best of” compilation from THE BLOOD DIVINE’s two albums along with some exclusive tracks. They are most notable for being comprised of the original vocalist for ANATHEMA, Darren White, and three original members of CRADLE OF FILTH, Paul Ryan, Paul Allender, and Ben Ryan. Former EXTREME NOISE TERROR and DECEMBER MOON drummer, Was Sarginson is also most notable for his short stint in CRADLE OF FILTH. Upon first listen, this band sounds just like ANATHEMA with CRADLE’s guitar melodies and keyboards. They play a very similar brand of melodic doom but with some faster tempos. After you get into the CD, you realize that this is some good music. There’s plenty of catchy riffs, a sense of atmosphere, and top-notch musicianship. Some songs are right on par with the level of quality of ANATHEMA. Highlights of Rise Pantheon Dreams include “Aureole,” “Wilderness,” and “Leaving Me Helpless.” The production job on the studio tracks is awesome. The clarity of the sound quality is immaculate. Don’t get me wrong, this is good music but the fact that it borrows so heavily from the members’ former bands really makes it hard to judge this fairly. (Peaceville)