THE CROWN – Possessed 13

THE CROWN‘s last record, Crowned In Terror, was supposed to be the album that was to take the band to the top with former AT THE GATES frontman, Tomas Lindberg, in tow. Unfortunately, it was a rather impotent and disappointing effort. Now with the return of original vocalist, Johan Lindstrand, THE CROWN have returned to destroy everything in their path. Possessed 13 is a monstrous conflagration that is a worthy follow up to their supreme Deathrace King. Possessed 13 has all the elements that makes THE CROWN such a great band; raging spirit, bad ass riffs, the hooks, high energy, and screaming guitar solos. Their potent combination of Swedish death/black metal, Florida death metal, 80’s thrash metal, NWOBHM, and turbo charged rock ‘n roll is stronger than ever. The lyrics are very well written declarations of independence, defiance, and blasphemy. THE CROWN effectively mix up the dynamics of speed, heaviness, riffing styles, and tone. The most important characteristic of Possessed 13 is the fact that it is simply so fun to listen to. Whether it be the roar of choruses like “Kill ‘Em All” and “Are You Morbid?” or the way the band crashes into the opening riffs of each song, you’ll be enjoying yourself wholeheartedly. Without a doubt, THE CROWN have written one of the best albums of 2003. Hail! (Metal Blade Records)

4 thoughts on “THE CROWN – Possessed 13

  1. Crowned in terror impotent and disappointing effort????? you don´t know shit…crowned in terror rules man… the same as any Crown album.

  2. picked this album up couple months back and seemed as though the album lived up to their previous releases, and its always nice to have satan from hell back in vocals.

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