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THE END - Within Dividia


Throw DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, CRYPTOPSY, and NEUROSIS in an industrial-sized blender with some secret sauce and you get Canada’s THE END. This band is not to be confused with other overblown and overhyped brutal math metal acts (i.e. BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME). THE END are far darker, technically adept, and have a stronger vision for their art. Within Dividia has a nice blend of brutal, in-your-face tunes and more plodding, atmospheric ones. Thus, the listener is not lulled into apathy nor over brutalized to the point of incomprehension. Among all of the dissonant, crashing walls of noise, one finds an underlying feeling of despair and disillusionment. And it is this underlying feeling that grabs the listener and takes hold. The only problem is that the record ends after a mere 33 minutes and you’re kinda left wondering where the big conclusion to all of this was. Perhaps, THE END will pick up exactly where Within Dividia ended on their next one. Or perhaps, they will take us into a different part of their collective psyche. (Relapse Records)