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THE GREAT DECEIVER - A Venom Well Designed


THE GREAT DECEIVER have written one of the best albums of 2002. This is the kind of album that connects with the listener on a deeper level. The soul of the music is brutally honest and exposed for all to see. A Venom Well Designed is Tomas Lindberg’s best album of work since Slaughter of the Soul. His talent not only lays in his awesome throat-shredding vocals but in his ability to write some of the most thoughtful and eloquent lyrics of his generation. Lindberg’s ability to communicate his thoughts and emotions is a strongpoint of this record. The rest of the band do a stellar job in creating this very moody, emotional vibe throughout the album. The songs keep a very nice balance in variety and mix throughout. The music overall, does a great job of connecting with the listener on a deeper, more profound level. I can only describe it as this unique take on hardcore/metal with the gothic metal touch of DIABOLIQUE. The reason for the latter being the fact that Kristian Wahlin (aka Necrolord), Hans Nilsson, and Johan Osterberg play in DIABOLIQUE. This album has huge potential to crossover into the various scenes in the extreme music spectrum. THE GREAT DECEIVER have set themselves up as a serious force to be reckoned with. (Peaceville Records)