THE GREAT DECEIVER – Life is Wasted on the Living

While each THE GREAT DECEIVER album has always had a certain level of aggression, Life is Wasted on the Living is the band’s most aggressive and straight forward release to date. The somber moods have been set aside for hardcore/death metal fury. Thankfully, the great subtle guitar work that Kristian “Necrolord” Wahlin and Johan Osterberg used in DIABOLIQUE is still present. There is a nice use of layering of the guitars with each guitar often playing distinct parts. The band add in just enough substance and originality into their straight forward approach to avoid sounding generic. There’s also a healthy helping of melody included. At the heart of THE GREAT DECEIVER is the attitude and emotion involved, which are conveyed by vocalist Tomas Lindberg’s superb lyrics. Poignant, powerful, and point blank, his lyrics paint a dark, nihilist but accurate portrait of reality. Whether it’s looking within or looking out into society and humanity at large, there is despair, disgust, and disillusionment that hits deep. Overall, the songs are catchy and carry enough urgency and emotion to keep Life is Wasted on the Living flowing. At times, the vibe is so chaotic and claustrophobic but that is exactly what is intended. Those looking for something fresh and soulful coming from some of Gothenburg, Sweden’s most revered pioneers should immediately look to Life is Wasted on the Living. (Deathwish Inc.)

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