My, what a difference a throat makes! The return THE HAUNTED‘s original voice, Peter Dolving, has injected new (old) life into THE HAUNTED who were suffering with former vocalist Marco Aro at the helm. Aro‘s one-dimensional screaming abilities unfortunately anchored THE HAUNTED in boring-infested waters. Dolving, on the other hand, is far more than that pissed-off-mutha he defined himself to be on the band’s self-titled debut six long years ago. He’s simply grown to be an exceptionally versatile rock/metal screamer. Just witness his grunge-like snarl on the gritty “Burnt to a Shell” or on the MARILYN MANSON-esque pick-up on “Nothing Right.” Together with the tight-knit Björler brothers, riff-maniac Jensen, and drummer Per Möller Jensen, who’s come into his own, Dolving and THE HAUNTED have a newfound attitude that is one of confidence, clearly displayed by their flawless execution and (relatively) ambitious songwriting for a bunch of thrash-aholics. The band displays a thorough command over the music while sounding loose, free-flowing, and non-calculated. rEVOLVEr kicks ass left and right with pummelling SLAYER-esque bite. But not all is 110% speedy beatdown…THE HAUNTED manage to slow things down on “Abysmal” without going soft nor putting the listener to sleep. Swedish metal seems to be a dying art, but THE HAUNTED are giving it some lift even though it really seems like theyre transcending the genre as a whole. EVOLVE they do. (Century Media Records)

12 thoughts on “THE HAUNTED – rEVOLVEr

  1. A touch unfair to say that Marco Aro was one dimensional, he is a bloody good vocalist, shits on other singerssuch as the Morbid Angel “singer”

  2. First off, rEVOLVEr is a sweet album, the vocals are incredible, and there are quite a few songs you could beat someone to death with your bare hands to. As far as swedish metal being a dying art, I would have to say you are…somewhat retarded. Swedish Metal, actually, European Metal as a whole, is alive and well, and if you have ever left the country and gone to Europe you would know this. Get out a little. Then maybe you won’t sound totally clueless. Since this Roycifer dude has just managed to irritate three people, maybe its time to find someone else to fill his position. Chotchball.

  3. This is the only vocalist from Sweden I ever heard that sounds….. american. It’s thrash too. The Haunted has renewed

  4. perhaps i should have been more specific. but what i meant by “swedish metal” was bands like at the gates, (old) in flames/dark tranquillity, etc. with the good ole’ 1-2-1-2 drumming and “melodic” riffing that accompanys that. theres obviously tons and tons of killer swedish metal bands (in the more general sense) but they dont embody the same style that the purveyors once did.

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