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THE HELLACOPTERS - Rock & Roll is Dead


Sweden’s ever-capable rockers, THE HELLACOPTERS, continue to kick out the jams, and they continue to do it with the greatest of ease. Rock & Roll is Dead is 13 tracks of guitar-driven, feelgood blues-rock following the path the band took with 2000’s High Visibility. Having long graduated from their balls-out, gritty garage rock (at least on the A-side tip), the band have found a balance between the attitude and melody. Opener “Before the Fall” kick-starts the album with some Chuck Berry flavor in overdrive, while tracks “Leave it Alone” and “I Might Come See You Tonight” reek of Keith Richards-infected pleasure. Although their style digs deep into the rock throwback vault, THE HELLACOPTERS do so naturally (and seemingly effortlessly) exhibiting a strong control and understanding of “their” sound. The U.S. release includes a pair of tasty bonus tracks that will likely find a good home on their next Cream of the Crap! (B-sides) collection. “Positively So Naive” is a lo-fi but energetic and danceable blues shuffle, while “It Might Mean Something to You” is more in line with their traditional high-energy rock vibe. Whatever the band mean’t by titling their album Rock & Roll is Dead, they’ve sure proven otherwise. These are exciting times for THE HELLACOPTERS. (Liquor and Poker Music)