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The once overrated THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY have released an album so good that they are now probably underrated (until the ears of the world catch on). Armed Love is a rockin’ album of danceable tunes touting their communist idealism. The Swede’s fourth album, and largely their most refined, makes its achievement thanks to the surprising move of having signed to the Warner Bros.-backed American Recordings, a move hooking T(I)NC up with legendary producer, Rick Rubin. Politics aside, the music is left to speak, and speak it does. “Let’s Make History” is subtle, yet driving and melodic, while “The Way I Feel About You” is a feelgood rocker awash with warm keyboards. The band’s style of retro-rock is less repetitive and more defining, sometimes taking a backseat to Dennis Lyxzén’s much improved singing. The bluesy “The Dream is Over” features what might be the closest thing to a Lyxzén American Idol chorus. The former REFUSED screamer sings with more melody, pushing notes to produce a more natural and listenable voice (much like what Rubin brought out in SLIPKNOT, THE MARS VOLTA, and the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS). Fortunately for old fans, Rubin’s overall presence is very subtle allowing the band to really shine on its own with improved production values. Just listen, and don’t let the talk do the talking. (American Recordings)