THE KONSORTIUM – The Konsortium

A new generation of Norwegian black metal is alive and well thanks in part to THE KONSORTIUM. Lead by prolific guitarist Teloch (MAYHEM, NIDINGR, UMORAL), the band effortlessly rips through their debut full length.

At the heart of THE KONSORTIUM‘s sound is the foundation of (keyboard-less) Norwegian black metal, ranging from the blasting to the mid-paced (i.e. MAYHEM‘s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, KHOLD). Mixed into the action is a significant injection of aggressive thrash that meshes seamlessly as well as touches of Norwegian avant garde black metal. The latter characteristic is embodied in ARCTURUS-like theatrical vocal stylings. The chanting, spoken words, screams, and shouts all work to help the album stand out.

Overall, the album is completely guitar driven, which turns out to be a good thing since there is an abundance of good riffs. Teloch throws in plenty of subtle guitar tricks and embellishments in his playing to further add distinction to The Konsortium. Songwriting-wise, the record is solid. There is plenty of variety within the context of the band’s sound. A song can go from slow and grim to blast beats to melodic without any discontinuity.

The Konsortium is not a revolutionary album nor a genre changer but it is solid and should serve as a great starting point for the band to further expand on the ideas born here. (Agonia Records)

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