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THE NUMBER TWELVE LOOKS LIKE YOU - Put on Your Rosy Red Glasses (Reissue)


THE NUMBER TWELVE LOOKS LIKE YOU is quite a mouthful of a bandname, and their music is equally an earful of a listening experience. Put on Your Rosy Red Glasses beats you over the head then stuffs you in your kitchen blender…all while banging on some pots and pans. In other words, THE NUMBER TWELVE loudly resembles a mess of CRYPTOPSY and CEPHALIC CARNAGE with touches of AT THE DRIVE-IN. Their brand of death/grind with prog and indie elements certainly aren’t your usual offering of musical style-mixing, but for every such experimental outfit, the world has a butt-load of cookie cutter radio-touchable garbage. The band also utilize two individual vocalists…one who farts guttural sub-sonic death growls, and the other who whails torture screams and emo cries. The one odd-ball track amongst the already odd-ball experimental metallic noise/grind is track seven, “Empty Calm.” The instrumental number is a fancy classical guitar piece that would put a smile on your grandmother’s face. Put on Your Rosy Red Glasses is truly a special experience. (ECA/Piermont Records)