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THIRTY CALLED ARSON - You're Only A Rebel From the Waist Downwards


Out of Tulsa, Oklahoma comes THIRTY CALLED ARSON. The band are young juggernaut of chaotic dissonant hardcore. Throw in the dissonant guitar wailings of BOTCH, the chaotic frenzy of CONVERGE, and the unique sense of timing of MESHUGGAH together and you’ve got THIRTY CALLED ARSON. The vibe of You’re Only a Rebel… is a dark and dead serious one. Zach Updegrove’s ZAO-like low guttural growls only serve to accent the tone. Most of the album chugs along a brooding mid-tempo pace with sudden outbursts of manic technicality and tempo changes. The fury of the band’s sound resides in these awesome outbursts. The real gem on this album is the final song, “Have You Met My Friend Burns.” This instrumental track features clean electric guitars and some tasteful, technical drumming from Craig Maricled. The very delicate and mellow vibe is a sharp contrast to the chaos of the rest of the album. The band really captures a deep, soulful feeling. Although there are tons of great hardcore bands popping up all over, THIRTY CALLED ARSON have what it takes to rise above the rest. You’re Only a Rebel From the Waist Downward is a powerful debut album. (Pluto Records)