TOXIC HOLOCAUST – Chemistry of Consciousness

Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of ConsciousnessIf you haven’t become a fan of TOXIC HOLOCAUST yet, now is the time.  Album number five, Chemistry of Consciousness, just scorches.  Singular in its fast and aggressive attack, TOXIC HOLOCAUST take no prisoners – no mid-tempo songs, elements of the goofy side of classic thrash, filler, or wasted time.

One of the band’s fortes have always been the hooks and Chemistry of Consciousness is no exception.  Songs like “Deny the Truth” will stay in your head for days and days.  The death metal influence has been turned up a few notches as heard on songs like “Salvation is Waiting.”  Mainman Joel Grind‘s vocals and vocal lines are flawless.  Not only is the production superb but the guitars are perfectly crunchy and bright.  Credit goes to collective hard work of Joel Grind, Nick BellmoreKurt Ballou, and Brad Boatright.

There really isn’t much that needs to be said about TOXIC HOLOCAUST‘s finest hour.  It’s hands down one of the coolest crossover albums put to tape.  Rage!  (Relapse Records)

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