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TOXIC HOLOCAUST - Conjure and Command

Toxic Holocaust - Conjure and Command

If you love classic 80’s metal, hardcore, and punk, then by default you can find enjoyment in Portland’s TOXIC HOLOCAUST. So many of the elements of these genres are once again embodied in the band’s latest, Conjure and Command.

Speed, d-beats, open E string eighth notes, punk songwriting approach, the Jeff Walker meets Chronos vocals, meaty riffs and aggression are packed into this record. The band often capture those classic, anthemic moments all over Conjure and Command. Additionally, almost every song is perfect for the live environment.

Basically, the album wins on style points though overall it may not necessarily leave a strong lasting impression. But there are parts and full songs where TOXIC HOLOCAUST truly hit their stride such as “Judgment Awaits You,” “Agony of the Damned,” and “In the Depths (of Your Mind).”

If you’re looking for a quick fix, few bands can satisfy in as many ways as TOXIC HOLOCAUST. (Relapse Records)

Toxic Holocaust - “Nowhere To Run” by RelapseRecords