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TURBONEGRO - Apocalypse Dudes (Reissue)


Distinctly punk yet shimmering with rock and roll flamboyance, TURBONEGRO’s Apocalypse Dudes is a timeless classic that, with the assistance of this more widely distributed reissue, arguably deserves to rank atop the list of greatest rock albums ever. A mighty proclamation indeed but far from absurd. Apocalypse Dudes is sharp, catchy, and energetic. Finely crafted with hooks galore, you (and your neighbors too) will be singing along about “a motherfucking pizza,” a “rendezvous with anus,” and even “some good head” by album’s end. Musically, Apocalypse Dudes straddles the tightrope between THE RAMONES and KISS. The opening chords of “The Age of Pamparius” immediately sets the tone for the album…one of grandeur and ostentatiousness. Ironically, TURBONEGRO achieves that in a most remarkably straightforward and unscientific manner…true to their punk rock roots. Apocalypse Dudes, however, is musically worlds apart from its “death punk” predecessors largely due to the addition of Knut Schreiner (a.k.a. Euroboy, formerly of the EUROBOYS), one of rock music’s greatest guitarists no one’s ever heard of. Schreiner’s presence brings about a sense of precision and melody to the punk rockers with his blues-based rock sensibilities. Plus, frontman Hank Von Helvete no longer sounds like a drunken sailor, rather a true rock and roll conquistador on a mission to secure his dudes a spot in the annals of rock and roll history. And success belongs to TURBONEGRO as five years after its initial release, Apocalypse Dudes sounds as fresh and remarkable as ever. (Epitaph/Burning Heart Records)