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TURBONEGRO - Party Animals


TURBONEGRO bassist Happy-Tom was once quoted saying “most rock ’n roll bands start as a riot but end up as a parody…we started up as a parody but ended up as a revolution.” In all due cheekiness, that is the most profoundly accurate interpretation of TURBONEGRO’s wild legacy. Party Animals is further proof that Norway’s VILLAGE PEOPLE are to be taken seriously–but with a grain of salt. With song titles like “Blow Me (Like the Wind)” and “If You See Kaye” (umm…say that one outloud), TURBONEGRO only appear to spit in the face of seriousness…until the riffs and hooks take over. Ghosts of BLACK FLAG and THE ROLLING STONES rear their legendary heads throughout Party Animals. There’s even a straight-up spoof of QUEEN’s “We Will Rock You” anthem done TURBONEGRO-style in “City of Satan.” But while some sounds may feel borrowed, TURBONEGRO don’t miss a beat. Closer “Final Warning” is a classic TURBONEGRO deathpunk scream-along. Overall, Party Animals is more direct and radio-friendly than anything the Oslo rockers have ever done. Frontman Hank von Helvete’s voice sounds as young and handsome as ever, while guitarist Euroboy’s melodic sense and hot licks really smoke the senses. Ultimately Party Animals just doesn’t quite match the magic of Apocalypse Dudes. But fear not, all is not lost. Party Animals surpasses Scandinavian Leather in excellence and is certainly a fun record that will appease the legions of Turbojugend and undoubtedly capture a whole new legions of fans. Party Animals is seriously good. (Abacus Recordings)