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TURBONEGRO - Scandinavian Leather


TURBONEGRO’s Apocalypse Dudes was like Michael Jordan’s game-winning, last shot (as a Chicago Bull) against the Utah Jazz. Both the perfect swansong and lasting legacy of greatness. But Jordan un-retired and so has TURBONEGRO. Out of TURBONEGRO’s un-retirement, we have their much anticipated “comeback” album, Scandinavian Leather. While its clearly no Apocalypse Dudes, it’s still another TURBONEGRO album (featuring the classic Dudes line-up) so it’s all good. And good it is. Scandinavian Leather rocks with (almost) all the vibrancy of Apocalypse Dudes, as oppossed to Ass Cobra and their previous albums. The album opens up with a TEARS FOR FEARS-like instrumental intro mirroring the gracious and majestic intro of Apocalypse Dudes. Euroboy’s hot guitar action drives their punk-meets-rock tunes while Hank von Helvete commands the mic with his feelgood melodic singing. Their sing-a-long choruses reek of THE RAMONES (see “Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed” and “Drenched In Blood (D.I.B.)”), but they’re damn infectious and they do a masterful job regardless. Scandinavian Leather probably won’t go down in the books as a classic like its predecessor, but its got plenty of killer tracks including the testosterone driven “Gimme Some” and the Dudes-esque “Ride With Us.” TURBONEGRO do manage to showcase some fresh blood though with their mid-paced anthem, “Fuck the World,” which flexes a more serious attitude. Although that track won’t be getting commercial airplay anytime soon, the song shows that the band are head and shoulders above all pretenders despite their rebellious yet pompous personas. So while Jordan’s un-retirement was short of memorable, the world was happy to see the legend back in action…and the legions of Turbojugend will definitely be happy to have rock ’n roll’s Village People back from the grave. (Epitaph/Burning Heart)