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TURBONEGRO - The ResErection


What better way to tide the world over until the release of TURBONEGRO’s new album than with a great DVD? The ResErection is a documentary (originally meant for Norwegian television) that chronicles the band’s reformation after four years in limbo. Though they’re mostly known to be larger-than-life death punk monsters, the documentary captures the offstage lives and personalities of these six men in a very candid and honest way. Insight into frontman Hank von Helvete’s heroin addiction, which subsequently led to the break up of the band in 1998, begins the movie. The viewer is taken into his new life as a recovering addict, living as a museum curator and radio dj in a quiet town in the north of Norway. The movie progresses as you see the rest of the band reunite with him and begin rehearsals. It’s very cool to see these six friends jamming in a small rehearsal room for the first time in years. Things build up to a crescendo when the band hits the road and destroys audiences during their reunion shows at various festivals throughout Europe. The ResErection is more of a human film than a typical rock ‘n roll documentary. You not only get to see a band make a grand return but also see a person overcome drug addiction and gain his life back. One comes away with a feeling that they’ve gained a lot insight into what makes TURBONEGRO tick. Also included on this disc is the band’s full set at the 2002 Quart Festival and one song each from the Hultsfred Festival and Bizarre Festival, a clip of keyboardist/guitarist Pål Pot Pamparius making pizza in his pizza joint, and Happy Tom “summing it up.” “The final chapter hasn’t been written. Not by a long shot,” prove to be prophetic words as the band is currently enjoying their biggest period of success and acclaim. (Bitzcore/Music Video Distributors)