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Before We Spark’s opening track, “Rotting On The Vine,” kicks things off with some catchy, rockin’ riffs and beats that reminded me of an infectious mix of CAVE IN, THE FOO FIGHTERS and ONLY LIVING WITNESS. Bassist, Nick Colby, then slips into a 20-second tribute to BLACK SABBATH’s Geezer Butler. Meanwhile, “We’ll Go Dancing” delivers a sappy, albeit catchy tribute to WEEZER, which is guaranteed to enrage CANNIBAL CORPSE fans. That is, until they catch themselves humming the track alone in their spare time. The band’s next two tracks deliver driving power pop, which benefit from drummer Eric Mellin’s solid AC/DC-styled backbeats. It’s Mellin’s drumming that also propels the primarily instrumental “Slick’s Theme,” which also includes some quirky synth programming. The album closes with a synth-heavy remix of “Inside Me, Inside You.” There are also two mp3 remixes and CD-ROM videos included as a bonus. While ULTIMATE FAKEBOOK’s sound can be considered blatantly derivative of numerous styles and genres at times, they nonetheless manage to mix all of these familiar styles in to a sound that they can call their own. Hopefully the band won’t be shy to once again cram in as many off-the-wall, quirky influences on their next record as they have done with Before We Spark. (Initial Records)