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UNEARTH - The Oncoming Storm


UNEARTH have established themselves as one of the top contenders in the metalcore scene in recent years through their tireless work ethic and seemingly endless touring schedule. But aside from an album and two EP’s, it’s been a while since we last heard any new material from the band. “The Great Dividers” opens things up with the band’s trademark blend of pummeling thrash, IRON MAIDEN-styled melodies and catchy, hard hitting breakdowns. The band keeps a steady, consistent flow throughout the next few songs before arriving at “Zombie Autopilot.” It’s easily the album’s catchiest, most accessible track, highlighted by some shredding guitar duels and melodies. “Lies To Purify” is another standout with the band effortlessly shifting from southern rock riffs, more MAIDEN-esque melodies and some punishing MESHUGGAH-inspired breakdowns. “Endless” returns in re-recorded form and even though it’s one of the band’s better songs, it comes across here as a bit too slick and polished as opposed to the more punchy, in-your-face version found on their previous EP. But the band quickly redeem themselves with “Predetermined Sky,” which combines aggressive riffing with some powerful melodic fretwork. Adam Dutkiewicz provides another solid production job although The Oncoming Storm, at times, sounds suspiciously interchangeable with his recent efforts with ALL THAT REMAINS and his own KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. Nonetheless, with several high-profile tours already lined-up for this ambitious outfit, UNEARTH is well on their way to breaking The Oncoming Storm into the mainstream in a major way. (Metal Blade Records)