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VADER - Revelations


VADER does it again with Revelations. They have delivered another kick ass record. Revelations is an exercise in precise, intense death metal. The band puts on a virtual clinic for extreme metal musicianship. The songs are built on a foundation of good riffs and an understanding of dynamics. VADER’s trademark sound can best be characterized by a heavy SLAYER/MORBID ANGEL influence. They have carved out a sound and a vision for themselves and continue to stay true to it. Each album is a continuation of its predecessor. Metal Blade Records threw in 3 bonus tracks taken from Reign Forever World. The bonus tracks are the 3 new studio tracks featured on that release. Unfortunately, Reign Forever World, which features live and unreleased tracks, never saw a North American release. Anyways, Revelations is top-notch death metal. VADER is never to be confused with the majority of uninspiring generic death metal bands. (Metal Blade Records)