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VOMITORY - Blood Rapture


Although the band’s name may conjure up images of some shitty, half-assed gutteral death metal band trying to shock us with their bootleg CANNIBAL CORPSE-riffs, VOMITORY instead offer up an aggressive, no bullshit affair that re-educates the listener on what Swedish death metal is all about. We’re not talking IN FLAMES or SOILWORK (both of whom make solid thrash albums, but could hardly be confused with SUFFOCATION). We are talking old school Swedish death metal like ENTOMBED, CARNAGE, and GRAVE. You get the idea. But VOMITORY take it a step further by injecting old school grindcore influences as well such as old NAPALM DEATH, PHOBIA, and TERRORIZER, which really help push the songs over the edge. Tobias Gustaffson also deserves a lot of credit as his blast beats are relentless from opening track “Chaos Fury” to the crushing final, title track. On the downside, the band really hasn’t progressed much since their last album. But they haven’t compromised either, remaining as reliable and consistent as ever. And while the songs tend to bleed into each other, the delivery is so quick and relentless that you never have time to complain. (Metal Blade)