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VREID - Milorg

Vreid - Milorg

have committed themselves to carrying their black metal roots with them, whilst tempering that white-hot fire with some cool-as-fuck alternate elements, the most electric of which is the inclusion of righteous, 70s styled rock.

Milorg takes this torch and runs with it, serving as VREID’s finest and most self-actualized work to date. It’s here where the quartet (ex-WINDIR members Hvall on bass, drummer Steingrim and guitarist/vocalist Sture, alongside guitarist Ese) perfect their working class black ’n roll aesthetic, resulting in the culmination of a journey: an album which defines a band and its theme.

Take the awesomely-titled track “Speak Goddamnit”, for example. Martial might abounds, tempered with a weird, but endearing bounciness which almost comes across as a diehard and dead serious FINNTROLL, if that makes any sense. Elsewhere, “Disciplined” rocks in a similar fashion (even featuring some tuneful clean vocals), whereas “Alarm” sets the band’s frosty Norse BM on the table, proving that VREID are on to something which they can truly call their own.

Milorg is a refreshing listen, indeed, and proves a solid purchase for any self-respecting underground minion. (Indie Recordings/The End Records)