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WEEDEATER - God Luck and Good Speed


There’s truly nothing quite like a quality doom album, especially the kinds drenched in whiskey and blowing out giant plumes of weed smoke. The massive, ultra thick down-tuned groove of WEEDEATER is a monster as evidenced on their new album, God Luck and Good Speed. This band is only a three-piece but they sound as massive and heavy-as-hell as it gets. God Luck and Good Speed has this great sense of feel that is nihilist, fucked up, and coherent all at the same time. And that damn groove is just unshakeable as the band just plows through everything in its path (i.e. “$20 Peanut” and “Weed Monkey”). The record as a whole is filled with sweet, bluesy doom riffs that would make SABBATH proud. The only break from the wall of sound before the last track is on the somber, banjo-based “Alone.” If the listener wasn’t already depressed, the song is sure to put them in an empty place. Even though the record clocks in at 38 minutes, it all goes by a little too fast. But then again, that’s what the “play” button is there for. Quality doom albums don’t come around every week like other genres of heavy music so it’d be wise to savor the goodness sooner rather than later. (Southern Lord Records)