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Witchcraft - Legend

One of the best records of the year is refreshingly not the flashiest.  Yeah, WITCHCRAFT’s Legend sounds good upon first listen.  But unbeknownst to you, it will pull you in progressively deeper with each listen.  The excellent songwriting, Magnus Pelander’s soulful vocals, beautiful vintage instrument tones, perfect guitar solos, and quality riffs are just a few reasons why Legend is such an enjoyable experience.

Deconstruction” opens Legend with style as it shifts between tempos but sets the tone with its strong sense of musical feel.  From there the momentum doesn’t stop as the hits just keep pouring through.  WITCHCRAFT whip up an array of catchy vocal lines and dynamic song structures, including killer instrumental sections where the band just does their thing.

The guitar tandem of Simon Solomon and Tom Jondelius is as good as it gets.  The bigger you open your ears, the more you’ll hear the distinct guitar parts that they’re playing. casino 888   Their guitar parts weave in and out of each other and converge when it’s time to bring down the heavy doom riffs. ????? ???? ???????

Another strong dimension of the record is the exquisite production.  Vintage instruments, analogue recording equipment, and modern recording experience all come together to produce such a well-balanced, crystal clear, and natural sound. ?????? ??????

Just do yourself a favor and come to the rich doomy, psychedelic sounds of WITCHCRAFT’s Legend. (Nuclear Blast Records)