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ZAO - Funeral of God


The mighty ZAO return with their most ambitious album to date. Funeral of God is a concept album about the suicide of “God,” which results from his decision to leave the ever growing wickedness of humanity behind. ZAO do a fine job in narrating this story by creating a prevailing atmosphere of despair and emptiness throughout the album’s eleven tracks. Musically, they’ve added more somber melodies and song arrangements that convey this eerie sense of disillusionment. The album is brought to a climax with its eighth track, “Praise the War Machine,” and finally ending with the epitaph-piece, “Psalm of the City of the Dead.” Guitarist Scott Mellinger’s newly injected clean vocals compliment Dan Weyandt’s lead snarls perfectly. Although the departed Jesse Smith will be missed by longtime fans, new drummer Steven Peck does a fine job in replacing him with his tasteful chops. In conclusion, Funeral of God is a masterwork that ZAO and ZAO fans alike can be proud of. The band prove once again that they are one of the best underground extreme bands out there. (Ferret Music)