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ZWEIZZ - The Yawn of a New Age


Svein Egil Hatlevik has been destroying minds for years in acclaimed Norwegian bands, FLEURETY and DHG. Now he has decided to take it to the next level with his one man band and his first full-length release, The Yawn of a New Age. This is not for pimple-face teenagers looking to dress up like their infamous Norwegian black metal heroes of years past. However, the album is for those looking for darkness but in a different form, specifically noise/electronic music. There’s a sinister vibe running throughout and there’s a seriously twisted way that Svein Egil Hatlevik is able to invocate all kinds of off the wall vibes and feelings within his music as well as in the listener. Whether it be eerie combinations of sounds panning back and forth, beeping in and out, white noise blasting at unexpected intervals, or layers of seemingly incongruous parts, you will feel what ZWEISS has for you. There is even an interpretation/cover of IMMORTAL’s “Blacker Than Darkness” as well as a guest appearance by fellow Norwegian black metal alumni, Czral, on “Your System Sucks.” ZWEISS is clearly not for everybody, especially metal fans who strictly stick to more “conventional” music. However, once you accept the challenge and enter the world of The Yawn of a New Age, there’s a mindfuck that awaits. (Vendlus Records)