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It’s been two years since ZYKLON’s World Ov Worms blazed onto the scene with its potent mixture of black, death, and industrial metal. Aeon, the band’s latest, sees them refining the elements of their debut while exploring new grooves, tempos, and influences while simultaneously sounding thicker and heavier than its predecessor. “Psyklon Aeon” sets the tone with plenty of blast beats from drummer Trym as well as some shredding leads from guitarist Destructhor. In contrast, “Core Sollution” alternates from murky, sludgy almost doom-like breakdowns to straightforward, militant, industrial riffing. “Two Thousand Years” and “Specimen Eruption” also exhibit considerable drops in speed with the two songs bearing more than a slight resemblance to several of MORBID ANGEL’s slower, groovier songs. But fans of speed shouldn’t fear as “No Names Above The Names,” “Subtle Manipulation” and the SLAYER-inspired “The Prophetic Method” provide plenty of pounding drumming, deep growls and crushing shredding riffs. Meanwhile, the last two songs incorporate more industrial, experimental influences with guest appearances from members of RED HARVEST, LIMBONIC ART and VOID. With Aeon, ZYKLON has successfully created a modern extreme metal album that combines strong metal traditions and a fearless variety of influences into a unique sound the band can proudly call their own. It’s the balance that will keep the band ahead of the pack well into the band’s post-apocalyptic future. (Candlelight)