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ZYKLON - Disintegrate


That ominous storm of destruction known as ZYKLON has returned. Their third album, Disintegrate, builds upon their body of work with a diverse array of songs, more melody, and a better album than its predecessor, Aeon. There are also subtle characteristics such as an increase in the overall technicality and musicianship displayed and well-thought out song structures. Disintegrate follows a course which takes advantage of the fact there is a healthy mix of diversity among super fast tracks such as “In Hindsight” and “Vile Ritual,” and songs such as that lean more towards black metal ("Subversive Faith") and death metal ("Underdog"). Speaking of “Subversive Faith,” it could possibly be the best song that the band have ever written. The verse leading up to the chorus and the chorus itself is absolutely infectious. The song is easily an extreme metal classic. “Skinned and Endangered” is a great album closer because of its desolate, apocalyptic atmospheres, and plodding pace. Another strongpoint of the album is the large arsenal of killer riffs and super tight musicianship with a prime guitar crunch. ZYKLON prevail where many of their peers fail in the fact that ZYKLON are able to create such violent and technically challenging music that is catchy, memorable, and sophisticated. After all, there’s no point in creating a whole album of empty blast beats and super fast guitars when the listener can’t even remember what they just heard. Don’t be fooled by pretenders, ZYKLON have established with Disintegrate that they are a dominant force in what is shaping up to be the evolution of extreme metal. (Candlelight USA Records)