BMG Announces Acquisition of The End Records

In a surprise move, major label BMG has announced the acquisition of pioneering indie label The End Records.  The acquisition includes the entire back catalogue as well as future releases.  The End Records will continue to operate from its offices in New York.  Check out the press release here.

The label was started out of CEO Andreas Katsambas‘ home in Pasadena and flourished in the early years as a label that pioneered a new scene of eclectic, avant garde metal bands, including AGALLOCHWINDS, and EPOCH OF UNLIGHT.  They also made a name for themselves by becoming the trailblazer in having the best selection of underground metal and rock albums in its online shop.  One did not have to pay $30 for a copy of ARCTURUSLa Masquerade Infernale.  The now industry standard pre-release album packages with a limited edition t-shirt, CD, vinyl, and mp3s was a concept pioneered by Katsambas.

The End Records partnered with many underground European labels such as Black Mark, Osmose Productions, Music for Nations and Listenable Records to provide distribution in North America.  One could finally pick up IMMORTAL‘s At the Heart of Winter at a record store at a domestic price.

Through endless hard work, struggle, and disappointments, Katsambas kept the label alive and greatly expanded the roster to include bands of all genres.  The End Records ceased to be strictly a heavy music label.  The label that was once home to ULVER, DIR EN GREY, and VOIVOD is now home to EVERCLEAR, WANZ, and THE DANDY WARHOLS.

We congratulate Andreas Katsambas and the rest of the staff, past and present, on this milestone!


WINDS/AGE OF SILENCE Leader Andy Winter Launches First Music Video

After releasing his latest full length solo album Incomprehensible on The End Records in January 2013, ANDY WINTER (WINDS, AGE OF SILENCE, SCULPTURED) now returns with his first ever music video; an artistic collaboration by various talents in the realm of music, film and fashion.

Musically speaking, “Uncountably Infinite” is a stylistic departure from Andy Winter’s usual style of subdued and progressive art-rock. The sound takes on a more metallic edge with harsher and rougher tones, featuring a crunchy wall of guitars courtesy of Andy Winter himself, complimented by the vocals of Mirai Kawashima (SIGH), bass playing of Jason William Walton (AGALLOCH, SCULPTURED), drumming of Jan Axel von Blomberg AKA Hellhammer (WINDS, MAYHEM, ARCTURUS), and guitar solo by Donald Anderson (AGALLOCHSCULPTURED).

Starring in the video is actress and burlesque dancer Tristan Risk, most recently featured in the cult horror film “American Mary” by The Soska Sisters.

AGE OF SILENCE & WINDS’ Andy Winter New Solo Album Available Now

Andy Winter - IncomprehensibleKeyboardist/composer Andy Winter of WINDS and AGE OF SILENCE fame has a new solo album, Incomprehensible, which is available now via The End records.  The album features an impressive roster of guest vocalists from MADDER MORTEM, AGALLOCH, GREEN CARNATION, EDGE OF SANITY, PECCATUM, BORKNAGAR, NOVEMBERS DOOM, and WINDS.

Also appearing are Jan Axel von Blomberg aka Hellhammer (MAYHEM, WINDS), Carl August Tidemann (WINDS, ex-ARCTURUS), Øystein Moe (WINDS, ex-ULVER), Don Anderson (AGALLOCH, SCULPTURED) and Mike Young (THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT).

Having continued his approach of always applying a very genre-defying style, “Incomprehensible” is yet another unmistakable and unique record from Andy Winter, and one that provides a different experience altogether when compared to anything else in metal, or indeed most music.

AGALLOCH: U.S. Tour Dates Announced; Band Set to Release Faustian Echoes EP

Portland, Oregon dark metal band, AGALLOCH, are pleased to announce a month-long bout of live performances this Summer. Slated to commence with a hometown show July 11, the tour will include a nightly rotating set list featuring both new and early material with stage times anticipated to be between 90 – 120 minutes. The band will be joined by TAURUS as well as various local openers throughout the journey, all hand-selected by members of AGALLOCH.

Comments the band in a collective statement: “We are excited by TAURUS’ experimental and challenging music and feel they are a perfect fit for us. We have carefully selected local openers whose music fits the environment of an AGALLOCH show. Where there are no openers selected, we will play nearly 120 minutes. We are all personal fans of the openers and encourage everyone to show up early to see them.”

Check out the list of tour dates.

This tour will also mark the release of AGALLOCH’s recently recorded EP Faustian Echoes, a mammoth twenty-minute epic released through the band’s own imprint, Dammerung Arts.

Though stream and digital download options will be available in the coming weeks, the LP and CD versions will only be available at the shows during the dates on the tour and will be available via mailorder after the tour.

Final List of Confirmed Bands for Maryland Death Fest X

The final list of bands confirmed to play next year’s Maryland Death Fest X has been announced. Headliner acts include GODFLESH, MORBID ANGEL, ELECTRIC WIZARD, NAPALM DEATH, AUTOPSY, and SAINT VITUS. The full roster can be viewed here.

The event will take place May 24-27, 2012 at Club Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland. Tickets go on sale Monday, September 26, 2011. They can be purchased here:

Scion Rock Fest 2011 Line Up Announced: MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, MUNICIPAL WASTE, More

The full line up for this year’s Scion Rock Fest, which was just revealed to take place on March 5th in Pomona, CA, was announced today. Here is the full line up:


According to the poster, more bands will be added, and of course, the line up is always subject to change.

RSVP list for the free event opens tomorrow at Also, be sure to follow Scion A/V Metal on Facebook for all the lastest updates.

AGALLOCH – Ashes Against the Grain

It’s been a long four-year wait since AGALLOCH‘s last masterpiece, The Mantle. Thankfully, the new album, Ashes Against the Grain, proves to be worth the wait. Once again, the band prove that they continue to become better and better with each successive release. Perhaps no one else bridges the worlds of dark neo-folk, gothic rock and metal, doom, progressive rock, and black metal than these guys. Starting with the epic opener, “Limbs,” AGALLOCH immediately establish their enveloping, dark and compelling atmospheres. It’s not too far fetched to picture being in the middle of a deep, snow-covered forest in the dead of night. Fans will be quick to notice that there’s more of a balance between, and a strong blend of, their acoustic (The Mantle) and electric sides (Pale Folklore). Don Anderson‘s lead guitars not only do a great job of leading the songs but are written with such great phrasing and catchiness in mind. What becomes apparent as Ashes Against the Grain progresses is that the great songs, the cohesiveness of the album, and the effortless flow never waivers. There’s an undeniable feeling that there is something special going on here. Ashes Against the Grain is truly an underground classic and one of the best albums released in 2006. Do yourself a huge favor and go out and get this one. (The End Records)

Watch AGALLOCH’s “Not Unlike the Waves” Video

AGALLOCH‘s video for “Not Unlike The Waves” is now being streamed at

The video for the song, which is from their critically acclaimed new album, Ashes Against the Grain, was directed by Nicole Phillips, DP Richard Stark, and camera operators, Richard Stark and Juan Mosqueda.

The stunning video, shot in three days with the band in remote areas, calls to mind the work of Ingmar Bergman, Mario Bava, and the German Expressionist movement.

AGALLOCH’s Ashes Against the Grain Album Now Streaming on

Pacific Northwest band AGALLOCH‘s long-awaited and much-anticipated new album, Ashes Against the Grain (now available on The End Records), is now streaming on Check out the album in its entirety here.

In other AGALLOCH news, the band will be making their first appearance in Europe in the Fall as openers on the NOVEMBERS DOOM headlining tour. The confirmed dates are (and previously booked shows) are below:

8/04/06 Fri – The Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA (with LUDICRA and SNAKES)
11/03/06 Fri – The Gravity Room – Portland, OR (with MOONSPELL, KATATONIA)
11/17/06 Fri – Plato – Helmond, Netherlands (with NOVEMBERS DOOM and THURISAZ)
11/18/06 Sat – Biebob – Vosselaar, Belgium (with NOVEMBERS DOOM, SATURNUS and THURISAZ)
11/19/06 Sun – Netherlands (TBA)
11/20/06 Mon – Copenhagen, Denmark (with NOVEMBERS DOOM, SATURNUS and THURISAZ)
11/21/06 Tue – K17 – Berlin, Germany (with NOVEMBERS DOOM and THURISAZ)
11/22/06 Wed – Steinbuc Theater – Darmstadt, Germany (with NOVEMBERS DOOM and THURISAZ)