AMEBIX Classic, Monolith, Receiving North American Re-Release

Monolith is one of those records that many have heard “of” but have never actually “heard.”  Now thirty years old, it’s a record that still remains largely unmasked.  Dissonance Productions looks to change that with the North American re-introduction to one of crust punk’s most prolific albums.

It ultimately would be the last recording by the band for more than 20 years; founder Rob “Baron” Miller with brother Chris “Stig” Miller, and Spider splitting up shortly after the album’s release.

AMEBIX are credited as being the godfathers of crust.  Formed while still in grade school, the band’s “break” came in 1984 when they met DEAD KENNEDY’s vocalist Jello Biafra.  The band became Biafra’s first UK signing to his label, Alternative Tentacles.

Here’s audio of the original release:

AMEBIX to Release Redux EP on June 28th

The recently reunited AMEBIX have confirmed the release of Redux, a 3-song EP featuring live and re-recorded versions of several of the band’s classics, “Winter,” “Chain Reaction,” and “Arise.” The songs were remixed by current drummer Roy Mayorga (NAUSEA, CRISIS, SOULFLY, STONE SOUR).

Redux will be available on CD, 12″ LP and digitally. The vinyl edition will include a free download card, which will feature a live version of “Progress?” as a bonus track.

AMEBIX are currently working on a new album. Founder Rob “The Baron” Miller issued the following on the bands recent activities:

AMEBIX ended a series of shows and tours in 2009 by spending time in Derbyshire to record tracks for a new album. So far we have 6 songs recorded, and Stig and I have been writing independently so that when we all get a chance to meet again we should be able to complete the album material quite quickly. The new songs see AMEBIX as a more mature vehicle, with a lyrical and musical diversity that we are very happy with. It has been important for us to continue to explore musically rather than getting stuck in our own tracks.I think initially we are concerned about whether or not we would be able to write material that we would be happy with, but the songs so far are stronger than anything we have done in the past, without becoming overly technical, but remaining true to the ethos.

Roy Mayorga is currently recording with STONE SOUR, after which they will be on the road for another year and a half, so our window of opportunity will occur when Roy is in Europe again and has time to spend in the studio with us. This means that we are all on high alert status; we may only have a week or so of notice when that window appears, so we’ll need to get a studio, accommodation, flights etc and crack into it! It’s exciting.”

Redux drops June 28th through Profane Existence Collective.

GALLHAMMER: Hammer of the Girls

All-girl groups in metal are rare and are typically limited to mall-friendly crap like KITTIE or DRAIN STH. One all-girl group, however, has arisen from an unsuspecting place with an unsuspecting sound. Tokyo’s GALLHAMMER combine the raw sounds of HELLHAMMER proto black metal, AMEBIX crust punk, and subtle new wave/alternative influences. Most importantly, the band have taken these influences and created a unique expression of darkness that is both exciting and fresh. APESHIT got in touch with vocalist/bassist Vivian Slaughter to find out more about this young band and the ominous meaning behind their use of the color white.

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