Versus: SEPULTURA and Max Cavalera Cover CHICO SCIENCE and NAÇÃO ZUMBI

In an interesting twist to the SEPULTURA saga, the band recently released their music video for their cover of CHICO SCIENCE and NAÇÃO ZUMBI‘s “Da Lama Ao Caos.”  Guitarist Andreas Kisser is on lead vocals.  The cover also appears on the band’s latest album, The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart.

Interestingly enough, Max Cavalera, following his resignation from SEPULTURA, covered the same song albeit with NAÇÃO ZUMBI 18 years earlier.  It should be noted that SOULFLY‘s first lead guitarist was actually NAÇÃO ZUMBI’s Jackson Bandeira.

Both covers are interesting for many different reasons and it’s likely a coincidence that both parties covered the same song, which undoubtedly is a well known song by a well known Brazilian band.

“Our relationship with NAÇÃO ZUMBI is very cool,”  commented guitarist Andreas Kisser. “When SEPULTURA was starting to use Brazilian percussion, CHICO SCIENCE was emerging at the same time, doing almost the opposite. While we were incorporating Brazilian music into the weight of heavy metal, they were adding the weight of rock guitars into the unique sounds of Pernambuco’s regional music. The song ‘Da Lama Ao Caos’ is an example of that.”

SEPULTURA version:

Max Cavalera with NAÇÃO ZUMBI version:

Straight Shooting: Extreme Metal Artists are Good People

Throughout my years of going to shows and meeting extreme metal bands to just say “hello” and “thanks” or to conduct an interview or hang out as colleagues, I have always found these artists to be very humble, down to earth, and hardworking people. Playing extreme metal is often a thankless and perilous endeavor that regularly tests just how much these artist are dedicated to their art.

Specifically, the legendary bands tend to be the most approachable and appreciative. They are more than happy to shake your hand, pose for photos, autograph all your merchandise, thank you for your support, and speak with you for a little bit. They may not have the most time in the world or be in the mood to do so, but they often try their best. Even strong and intimidating personalities such as David Vincent, Trey Azagthoth, Glen Benton, and Chris Barnes are all nice dudes. On the other hand, there are also exceptions to this but they shall remain nameless.

The brothers in KRISIUN are some of the coolest guys you can meet. They are so grateful when you compliment them on their performance or music. And if you’ve been a diehard for a long time, that makes their day. They never brag about their musicianship even though it’s totally insane, especially given the fact that they perform flawlessly every night. Whole notes don’t really exist in their songs. Hell, if you have the opportunity to party with them, they’ll share their whiskey or herb with you without hesitation.

Ross Dolan and Bob Vigna from IMMOLATION are awesome guys. I’ve seen them in various cities across the U.S. and they are always the same. Zero egos. Zero gimmicks. They’ve always been underdogs in terms of popularity despite the fact that they are legends but they never complain about anything ever. They just work hard and try their best.

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Andreas Kisser twice throughout the years and he is just as, if not cooler, than what you see in SEPULTURA home videos or elsewhere. He’s just a really cool and friendly person ready to laugh and is always positive. No shit talking from him. Andreas is probably one of the most open-minded people you can meet as well.

If you’ve ever seen SUFFOCATION live, then you’ve seen just how down to earth Frank Mullen is with the crowd. He never tries to act like the toughest guy on earth. He just speaks to the crowd like he would with people that he knows in his personal life. Offstage, the man is the same. Just a cool, honest, and passionate person. Frank appreciates any fans whether they be long time or brand new ones.

At the end of the day, the overwhelming majority of extreme metal bands that tour all over the world don’t really make much money. And yes, many of them have families and day jobs to take care of back home. It can be a meager existence. Thus, you can’t blame them for having tours with VIP packages.

Without their dedication and immense talents, there wouldn’t be much of a scene. So next time you’re at a show and you see a band member walking around or just hanging out, it will never hurt to just say “hello” and show appreciation for their hard work. Trust me, they will appreciate it.

Rare Gems: Andreas Kisser’s Pre-SEPULTURA Band, PESTILENCE

Before Andreas Kisser brought his immense guitar and lyrical talents to SEPULTURA, he fronted a Brazilian band called PESTILENCE. And no, it’s not the same PESTILENCE from the Netherlands.

Check out this audio recording from the Municipal Theatre, Santo André, SP, Brazil on January 29, 1987 of “Slaves of Pain,” which would later appear on SEPULTURA‘s landmark album, Beneath the Remains. This is extremely rare stuff. Cheers goes to sabotaje77 for posting this.

[youtube 1dJ9oQme8Y8]

Andreas Kisser: Guitar Hero

In the world of death metal (and extreme metal as a whole), there are very few lead guitarists that can match Andreas Kisser‘s body of work. After being the guitar hero for SEPULTURA for almost 25 years, Kisser has released his first solo release and labor of love, Hubris I & II. Enlisting the help of some of Brazil’s most well-known musicians, Kisser has dished out a musically diverse and stimulating double album. APESHIT spoke to him from his home in Brazil about such his musical roots, his guitar heros, jamming with METALLICA and the SCORPIONS, and more.
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Andreas Kisser has been one of extreme metal’s greatest lead guitarists for nearly 20 years and it is only until now that he has released his first solo album, Hubris I & II. The first thing that you should know about the double-CD album is that it is not a guitar shred instrumental nor is it a metal album. Hubris I & II is a showcase of Andreas‘ interests in classic rock, classical guitar, eastern music, percussion, and various genres of Brazilian music. The album carries a very unambashed Brazilian feel throughout.

The first disc, Hubris I, is an electric guitar-based album with a healthy dose of acoustic guitars used throughout. The first two songs, “Protest!” and “Euphoria/Desperation,” serve as a warm up before the rockin’ “Eu Humano” comes in with its infectious hooks and vocal lines by Andreas himself. The song also has a smokin’ guitar solo. “A Million Judas Iscariotes” has a long sitar intro before it breaks into a heavy rock song with an eastern feel. Throughout the disc, the songs feature quite a wide diversity of feels, flavors, and sounds. All of the guest vocalists, who sing in Portuguese, do a great job in contributing their unique voices. While some may be expect or desire to hear Andreas shred the fretboard, his solos are always about “feel” and he always plays what the song calls for. This results in tasty and tasteful Andreas-style solos.

Second disc, Hubris II, is an acoustic/classical guitar-based album with mostly instrumentals. It has a totally different vibe than it’s rock-based counterpart. The songs are often more delicate, subtle, yet still possess character. Musically, there is much ear candy to be heard with song arrangements that allow each instrument’s voice to play a vital role. “0120” is a stand out with its classical style and wind quintet composed of bassoon, flute, clarinet, French horn, and oboe.

Hubris I & II takes time to grow on you. It’s not the type of release that will blow you away on first listen. The quality is really found in the subtleties and the songwriting prowess displayed. Often times, you’ll forget you’re listening to the guitarist of SEPULTURA. And this turns out to be a very good thing. (Mascot Records)