APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2014

Unlike everyone else, we waited until 2014 was actually over to recount our favorite albums. It’s been a great year for extreme music with a healthy amount of excellent releases.  We saw the return of legends in GODFLESH and AT THE GATES as well as welcome returns from long recording breaks in BEHEMOTH and MAYHEM.  And who can deny the GHOST B.C.-like popularity explosion of Japan’s BABYMETAL?  Crazy shit.  Metal is certainly a diverse genre.

For 2014, the APESHIT goons did not have any unanimous or semi-unanimous album of the year (i.e. 2013’s CARCASSSurgical Steel).  But MAYHEM, BLOODBATH, GODFLESH, and TRYPTIKON were near consensus picks.  Sorry, ENTOMBED A.D. didn’t make it here.

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APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2013

carcass.surgicalsteelOnce again, another fruitful year in extreme music draws to a close.  We saw some long awaited comebacks by legends, three quarters of the original SABBATH line up, VOIVOD and CARCASS.  The godfathers of U.S. death metal had a healthy year with strong releases by SUFFOCATION, DEICIDE, and IMMOLATION.  We also saw young superstars, GHOST B.C. and KVELERTAK, release good sophomore albums.  Perhaps the most polarizing and criticized album is SATYRICON‘s self-titled album, which was roasted by the majority of the media and fans.

Among the mountains of releases, there is one album that we’ll gush about again and again, and that’s CARCASS‘ comeback album, Surgical Steel.  There are always good and interesting albums coming out all the time, and then there are the untouchable albums that only the legendary bands could create.  Surgical Steel scorches everything in its path and clearly shows that in the pantheon of active bands, they are at the top.

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Video of the Day: BEYOND CREATION’s Dominic “Forest” Lapointe Playthrough

The world is always in need of great bassists, who are not only audible but have a great playing style.  BEYOND CREATION‘s Dominic “Forest” Lapointe is one of those special individuals.  Check out him playing of the track, “Coexistence.”  This progressive tech death epic can be found on the band’s The Aura album.


Here’s a bonus in the form of his playthrough of “Omnipresent Perception.”

Fretless lefthand bass + no pick = Dominic “Forest” Lapointe rules.



Beyond Creation - The AuraWhat comes to mind if I say that The Aura is progressive death metal from Quebec?  It’s got to be good, right?  Yes, BEYOND CREATION are a jaw dropping force.  They take what bands like latter era-DEATH, CYNIC, ATHEIST, and GORGUTS have done and take that to a new level of fiery intensity.

BEYOND CREATION balance melody, brutality, progressive and pure death metal influences into a well rounded album.  What is the heart of their sound is their absolutely amazing musical skills.  These gentlemen can simply smoke anyone.  Flurries of drum beats, lead fretless bass, and balls out guitar playing create a beautiful, controlled chaos.  But The Aura is not 11 songs of masturbation.  The songwriting is airtight and well thought out.

Look, there isn’t much left that needs to be explained or described.  Get out there and purchase a copy of the one of the best releases of 2013.  BEYOND CREATION will undoubtedly reach the legendary status of their heroes with more albums like these.  (Season of Mist)