Ex-BIOMECHANICAL Members in New Band, SOLSIKK, Post Songs and Update

Former members of U.K. metallers, BIOMECHANICAL, Chris Webb (guitar) and Matt C. (drums), have unveiled songs from their new band, SOLSIKK, on their MySpace page. The band was formed in 2006 by Webb and Vykki Turner (vocals).

Here’s an update from Matt:

“It’s been a long time coming.

“It’s hard to believe that the demos we punched are nearly 2 years old and while we’re both grateful and surprised by how well these were received, they really needed playing in, so we thought it time enough to update these and give you fuckers the ‘real deal’.

“Speaking from a personal perspective, its really been a great, fun and rewarding process working, playing and recording with new (and old) bandmates, and more importantly, has helped re-affirm a lot of the passion previous efforts seemed to have depleted and undermined over the years.

“Having spent the last year and a half writing new songs, I can honestly say that we are all extremely happy with what we have put together. It has all been a very natural, organic and enjoyable affair, devoid of tension or subject to any precious egocentricities, and mostly fuelled by cheap imitation energy drinks, cold Ginster’s, ‘Happy shopper’ chilli snacks, the occasional few litres of Russian inspiration and jokes at either mine or Vykki‘s expense!!!

“(thanks Mark, you ****!)

“We’ve done 8 tracks in total so far, and while we’d love to give you the lot, you’d have no reason to pick up an EP or check out these other stonkers at one of our forthcoming live shows now, would you?

“Recording seemed to take no time at all, and while I am sure Chris (who produced it) can testify to the contrary, in realistic terms, the tracks flowed beautifully and we were all amazed at how quickly everyone’s parts were laid; which I can only put down to the feeling everyone put into this. We hope you spot it too!

“So, metal, rock, pop, pop-metal, pop-rock, rocky-metal, heavy rock, soft metal…whatever hook you want to hang it on….here it is.

“Enjoy it. If not, just go listen to something else.”

Check out the songs: http://www.myspace.com/solsikk

BIOMECHANICAL – Cannibalised

Cannibalised‘s opening track, “Fallen in Fear,” is a fitting intro to this highly anticipated album. The song immediately erupts with a maddening fury of swelling symphonics that blow right into a ripping thrash-fest powered by vocalist John K‘s searing, Halford-2000 wails. It’s with that immediacy that you know you’re in for a rip-roaring metal album. Speaking of immediacy, the speed and energy with which BIOMECHANICAL perform at dominates with a superb sense of urgency. And with John K‘s killer voice, BIOMECHANICAL is nothing but brutal, intense, modern-day heavy metal magic. Each song radiates with their hypersonic, “extreme” JUDAS PRIEST ridiculousness. From the shredding guitars to the tireless drumming, the band’s execution is technical and flawless, but not overdone on progressive nerdism. Though most tracks steamroll through, like “The Unseen,” “Predatory,” and “Slow the Poison,” dynamics are aplenty with slower tempos, more majestic orchestrations, and acoustic simplifications on songs like “Breathing Silence,” “Consumed,” and “Through Hatred Arise.” Cannibalised secures BIOMECHANICAL‘s worthiness; however, with the departure of all members except John K following the recording’s completion, we can only hope the newcomers will be able to maintain the band’s unique brand of metallic muscle. (Earache Records)

BIOMECHANICAL Complete Cannibalised; Advance Track Online Now

UK epic-thrash metallers BIOMECHANICAL have announced the completion of their upcoming release Cannibalised, mixed by famed producer Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST). The band have posted an exclusive advance track entitled “Fallen in Fear” on their MySpace page for fans to get a taste of what to expect from the hotly anticipated release, currently streeting in February 2008.

To listen to the track and for an exclusive sneak peak of the cover go to www.myspace.com/biomechanical.

BIOMECHANICAL frontman John K, who recently recruited new members Jonno Lodge (drums) and Gus Drax and Chris Van Hayden on guitars, had this to say about the Cannibalised project which is the closing chapter of the story which began with their 2003 debut release 8 Moons.

“There are no compromises on this album. It’s Metal without boundaries and as much energy as we could possibly deliver. Cannibalised brings a dark closure to the debut and the Earache released album The Empires of the Worlds.

”All the elements of the other albums are there but with a much heavier sound and more aggression. The songwriting follows the emotional pull of each individual track, going from heavily orchestrated tracks to full-on Metal. It was a long journey getting this album done but now it’s completed with the help of Chris Tsangarides and Jon Ashley with whom we finally managed to deliver Cannibalised. From the Cover Art side of things Nat Jones has astonished us once again! Huge thanks go to these guys and looking forward taking this album on the road!!”

BIOMECHANICAL Post Empires of the Worlds Guitar Tabs Online

UK metal band, BIOMECHANICAL, have posted guitar tablature for their most recent album, Empires of the Worlds. All tabs for the album (except for the track “Sibelius“) are available here in Guitar Pro 5 format:

For those without Guitar Pro 5, two PDFs have been made available here:

Empires of the Worlds is set to be re-released with bonus footage and a cover of JUDAS PRIEST‘s “Painkiller” on November 13th through Earache Records. Also, the band’s forthcoming new album has been named “Cannibalised,” and will see an April 2007th release.

Meanwhile, BIOMECHANICAL are about to kick off a European tour with EXODUS. Here are the tour dates:

11/1 UK Manchester Music Box
11/2 UK Nottingham Junktion 7
11/3 UK Bradford Rio
11/4 Ireland Dublin Voodoo Lounge 5 UK Newcastle Trillians
11/6 UK Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
11/7 UK London Underworld
11/8 France Paris – venue
11/9 Holland Eindhoven Effenaar
11/10 Holland Haarlem Patronaat
11/11 Belgium Hasselt Muziek-o-droom
11/13 Germany Osnabrück Rosenhof
11/14 Germany Bochum Matrix
11/15 Germany schweinfurt Stattbahnhof
11/16 Germany Berlin Kato
11/17 Germany Saarbrucken Roxy
11/18 Denmark Copenhagen Kino
11/19 Norway Olso John Dee
11/20 Sweden Gothenburg Sticky Fingers
11/22 Finland Oulu Teatria
11/23 Finland Helsinki Tavastia
11/25 Poland Poznan Eskalup
11/26 Czech Rep Brno Faval club
11/27 Austria Wien Arena
11/28 Hungary Budapest Wigwam
11/29 Serbia Belgrade SKC
11/30 Italy Padova Sottosopra
12/1 Italy Siena Sonar Club
12/2 Italy Senigalia(Ancona) Mamamia
12/3 Italy Naples Duel Beat
12/4 Switzerland Wil Remise
12/5 France Lyon
12/7 Spain Villareal Salatal
12/8 Spain Bilbao Santana
12/9 Spain Madrid Ritmo & Compas
12/10 Spain Barcelona Apolo 2

BIOMECHANICAL: New Album to Be Called Cannibalised

UK metallers BIOMECHANICAL have set Cannibalised as the title of their follow-up to 2005’s impressive The Empires of the Worlds.  The band will begin recording the effort at vocalist John K.‘s studio in November with mixing scheduled for January.

John K. commented on the upcoming album: “We’ve started writing non-stop for the new album and so far the songs sound ripping!! We’re very exited about the new stuff. It will be as heavy as, if not heavier than, The Empires of the Worlds, but with more melodic writing within the tracks, something that has been a BIOMECHANICAL trademark. The orchestral writing will be intense and the solos will be ripping as ever, so we can’t wait to record this mutha!!”

Cannibalised is tentatively scheduled for an April 2007 release through Earache Records.