Full-length Black Metal Documentary, Until the Light Takes Us, Posted for Streaming

The black metal documentary Until the Light Takes Us has been posted for streaming in its entirety including many hours of extra footage. The film spent most of last year playing at various theaters around the world and was recently released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The filmmakers, Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites, have decided to make the film available for online viewing* to give everyone an opportunity to view the film.

*Unfortunately the feature film is still not available for those in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and German speaking countries but the extras footage is.

Watch the film and extras here: http://www.blackmetalmovie.com/moviepage.html

Visit Factory 25 to purchase the DVD and/or Blue-Ray: http://www.factorytwentyfive.com/until-the-light-takes-us/

Until the Light Takes Us to Get DVD, Blu-Ray Release in North America

Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aits‘ documentary about black metal, Until the Light Takes Us, which has been screening around the world, has been confirmed to receive a DVD release in North America. Three versions will be available: a single disc DVD, a limited double DVD, and a Blu-Ray version of the limited double DVD.

The limited version contains every available second of special features, deleted scenes, outtakes, a class on the history of metal with Fenriz, interviews with ENSLAVED, Nocturno Culto, Necrobutcher and more, and expanded interviews with Garm, IMMORTAL, Varg, Fenriz and Hellhammer.

Until the Light Takes Us is available in Zone 1 (America and Canada) and Zone 4 (Mexico) with Spanish and French subtitles.

Discounted pre-orders can be ordered right now at: http://www.factorytwentyfive.com/until-the-light-takes-us/

Visit the film’s official site and Facebook pages for a upcoming screening information:
Official site: http://www.blackmetalmovie.com
International Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=20217005803
International Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Until-the-Light-Takes-Us/68782874275?ref=ts
Main UK page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Until-The-Light-Takes-Us-to-the-UK/210895864087?ref=ts

Variance Films to Release Black Metal Documentary, Until the Light Takes Us, Theatrically in November

Variance Films has announced the acquisition of U.S. theatrical rights for Until the Light Takes Us, the acclaimed documentary from directors Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell. The film, which is the first documentary to go behind the scenes of the black metal genre, will open November 20 in NYC at Cinema Village and in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse, and December 11th in Los Angeles at Laemmle’s Sunset 5, with more dates to be added throughout November, December and January.

Dylan Marchetti, President of Variance Films commented on the acquisition: “I’ll be honest–my personal musical tastes run far more towards RADIOHEAD than black metal, so that fact that I found this documentary fascinating and completely engrossing from the first frame is a credit to the directors–they’ve created a film so truly unique that you don’t have to be familiar with the music, or even enjoy it, to appreciate the film. This is not a typical music documentary–it goes so much deeper than that.”

Directors Aites and Ewell added: “We couldn’t be happier to have partnered with Variance Films on the theatrical release of Until the Light Takes Us. They’re not scared by the fact that it’s as much a social critique as it is a rock doc, and will see that it’s presented properly. We were approached by a lot of companies who, due to the flashy subject matter, wanted this to be an exploitation release, and we had to pass. But Dylan and his team truly understand and respect the film, and we are pleased to be working with Variance in bringing this film to a much larger audience.”

The deal was negotiated between Marchetti on behalf of Variance Films and the filmmakers.

For all the latest information on the film including upcoming screenings in your town, visit these links:

Fenriz and Nattefrost to Issue Split CD, Engangsgrill

DARKTHRONE‘s Fenriz and Nattefrost (of NATTEFROST and CARPATHIAN FOREST) will be releasing a split album called Engangsgrill via Indie Recordings. Fenriz‘ three tracks will be released under the moniker, FENRIZ’ RED PLANET, while Nattefrost‘s will be under NATTEFROST. Here is the track list:

1. “My Ship Sailed Without Me
2. “Jon Carter, Man On Mars
3. “Temple Of The Red Dawn Rising

Side Lustmord – NATTEFROST
4. “Nekronaut II Nekro Spirituals
5. “Uskyldighet
6. “Sin Goddammit
7. “Lustmord
8. “Humiliated And Pissed Upon

Here’s what Fenriz had to say about the release:

“In 1993, I asked Peaceville if I should make a solo doom metal project for them. they said yes. I had already started a solo doom project PILGRIM SANDS in 1989, but only one song was recorded. I did ISENGARD demo instead that summer.

“So I recorded 3 tracks, but suddenly i got caught up in ISENGARD again and at the same time I joined VALHALL again (I played there 88-89), and so these 3 songs were kept totally secret by me.

“The songs are inspired by REVELATION 2nd and 3rd demo from 1987 (this band was later signed on Lee Dorrian‘s label Rise Above, I think), BLACK SABBATH, TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM (USA), THE DOORS and also a song by SLEEP.

“It is sassy but really ultra-conservative doom metal I think.

“It will be out in the start of May. I think Roger told me it will be printed in 3500 CD’s and 500 vinyls. (It was on a bad phone line and I was stressed cuz I was on my way to take the bus to go tenting in the forest as usual.)”

Listen to NATTEFROST‘s “Nekronaut II Nekro Spirituals” on his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/nattefrostmanagement

Los Angeles Gallery Opening for True Norwegian Black Metal Book

Zune Gallery in Los Angeles will be hosting a gallery for photographer Peter Beste‘s 216-page photo book, True Norwegian Black Metal, from November 21st to December 18th.  The gallery will be open from 7-10pm on opening day.

Zune Gallery is located at 8275 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.

Go here to RSVP: http://www.viceland.com/peterbeste/

Galleries for True Norwegian Black Metal have recently taken place in Sweden and the Netherlands.

For more information on Peter Beste, visit his site: http://www.peterbeste.com/

DARKTHRONE to Unleash New Album on October 20th

Norway’s DARKTHRONE are set to release their follow-up to 2007’s F.O.A.D. album on October 20th entitled, Dark Thrones & Black Flags.  The release will be available in three formats: a regular edition in super jewel case, a vinyl edition, and a special edition, in a Slipcased super jewel case package with exclusive new video footage featuring DARKTHRONE in the studio – Fucking Around Version 1 & Fucking Around Version 2.

Visit the Dark Thrones & Black Flags microsite for more info: http://www.peaceville.com/darkthrone

LIMBONIC ART – Legacy of Evil

The resurrected LIMBONIC ART originally made its name in the late 90’s back when black metal was starting to gain traction. Legacy of Evil, harkens back to that glorious time of dark, evil, musical mystique; a time where all black metal output was largely influenced by EMPEROR‘s In the Nightside Eclipse. Blast-beats, tremolo picking, high-pitched demonic screams, and symphonic embellishments are in order. Black metal today often favors a more in-your-face death metal approach (DIMMU BORGIR, latter-day EMPEROR) than the atmospherics of early, raw black metal. That has certainly crept into the production of Legacy of Evil where the guitars are more upfront in the mix. Subsequently, the symphonics aren’t quite as prominent, which is a bit of a downer. Fortunately, where there are synths, they still are as tasty as ever. The long orchestral synth intro of “Twilight Omen” is what the album is more in need of. Separating LIMBONIC ART from the pack, however, are their use of a drum machine in lieu of a live drummer. Use of a drum machine is a move often met with disdain in the realms of metal, though LIMBONIC ART have always executed with as much of an organic feel as is possible with programmed percussion. Despite the high-tempo “drumming,” the album does not suffer from annoying “clicky-ness.” Not all is high-speed insanity, though. LIMBONIC ART offer varying tempos within songs and even manage to slow things down entirely with “Grace by Torments.” Legacy of Evil is a welcome return; it’s a solid album that possesses all the elements of LIMBONIC ART and late 90’s black metal. Their signature synth-domination, however, is sorely missed. (Nocturnal Art Productions)

ENSLAVED: Progressive

Norway’s ENSLAVED began their musical journey back in 1991 and have perserved through, arguably, a more difficult path to success than some of their Norwegian brethen. Through numerous line-up changes, record labels, and distribution problems, they continue to triumph with an unwaivering artistic vision and subsequent, ever growing success. APESHIT spoke to ENSLAVED vocalist/bassist Grutle Kjellson during their most recent U.S. tour earlier this year about critical acclaim, winning Norwegian grammys, progressive rock, and what makes the current line-up of the band so special.

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CRADLE OF FILTH – Thornography

While CRADLE OF FILTH stirs up a variety of opinions and accusations with the mere mention of their name, one can always count on them to continue forging ahead with reckless abandon regardless of criticisms and praise from the fanfare. Their newest release, Thornography, is written to be much more visceral than the previous release, Nymphetamine, but CRADLE OF FILTH put a different twist as always to their already twisted sound. Dani Filth experiments with some different vocal stylings such as more spoken word phrases, heavily processed vocals, and an attempt at cleaner singing in the same ball park as artists such as Anders Friden of IN FLAMES fame. The end result is a mixed bag. Credit should be given where credit is due for the band’s continuing attempt at evolving its sound, but such creative direction used on this album would have been better spent developing more complicated song structures and time signatures. Tracks such as “Tonight in Flames,” “The Byronic Man,” “The Foetus of a New Day Kicking,” and “Temptation” that actually employ the use of Dani‘s new vocalizations come off as trite commercialism instead of progressive songwriting. However, they do add catchy elements to the album. A number of tracks also make use of a rock and roll influence that, although simple in approach, contains guitar hooks that persist in your head long after listening to the album. Fans of post-Midian era CRADLE OF FILTH will also be pleased by the hard rocking tracks, “Dirge Inferno,” “Libertina Grimm,” “I am the Thorn,” “Under Huntress Moon,” and the instrumental track “Rise of the Pentagram.”

Ultimately, this album is superior to CRADLE OF FILTH‘s previous release, but some of the creative decisions behind the songwriting will fail to execute for long-time fans. (Universal / Roadrunner Records)


To say that ENSLAVED have been on a creative roll for the last couple of albums is to state the obvious. Just like their Norwegian peers, the band have expanded and evolved far beyond what their first albums were indicative of. Ruun sees ENSLAVED continuing to hone their unique style of progressive black metal. The killer opening song, “Entroper,” has got some of the most infectious riffs in the band’s catalogue that could easily cross over into post-punk/hardcore and alternative realms. The foot stomping, catchy “Path to Vanir” is an obvious choice for their first video off of Ruun. Third song, “Fusion of Sense and Faith,” kicks the tempo up and gets the blood circulating. ENSLAVED truly pick up momentum with the powerful title track. The steady cascading chords that kick in after the snaking beginning section bring to mind that good old Viking-era ENSLAVED that we all love. The song continues to build and build until it reaches full power. The rest of Ruun fails to disappoint as the band conclude another strong album. The strong points lay in not only their ability to come up with inventive and fresh sounding riffs but in their songwriting skills. Each section of each song fit seamlessly and often times build upon each other to create a sense of motion and strong atmospheres that compel the listener to continue listening. ENSLAVED have done their part, now it’s time for the masses to recognize and enjoy the great music presented on Ruun. (Candlelight USA Records)