To say that ENSLAVED have been on a creative roll for the last couple of albums is to state the obvious. Just like their Norwegian peers, the band have expanded and evolved far beyond what their first albums were indicative of. Ruun sees ENSLAVED continuing to hone their unique style of progressive black metal. The killer opening song, “Entroper,” has got some of the most infectious riffs in the band’s catalogue that could easily cross over into post-punk/hardcore and alternative realms. The foot stomping, catchy “Path to Vanir” is an obvious choice for their first video off of Ruun. Third song, “Fusion of Sense and Faith,” kicks the tempo up and gets the blood circulating. ENSLAVED truly pick up momentum with the powerful title track. The steady cascading chords that kick in after the snaking beginning section bring to mind that good old Viking-era ENSLAVED that we all love. The song continues to build and build until it reaches full power. The rest of Ruun fails to disappoint as the band conclude another strong album. The strong points lay in not only their ability to come up with inventive and fresh sounding riffs but in their songwriting skills. Each section of each song fit seamlessly and often times build upon each other to create a sense of motion and strong atmospheres that compel the listener to continue listening. ENSLAVED have done their part, now it’s time for the masses to recognize and enjoy the great music presented on Ruun. (Candlelight USA Records)

BLOOD TSUNAMI Sign to Nocturnal Art Productions

BLOOD TSUNAMI, the Oslo, Norway-based thrash metal band featuring drummer Bård G. Eithun (a.k.a. Faust; SCUM, ABORYM, ex-EMPEROR), has signed a three-album deal with Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records. The group will enter Lion Heart Studios in Oslo in September with engineer Øivind Voldmo Larsen to begin recording its debut album, tentatively titled Thrash Metal, for an early 2007 release. The album’s artwork “will be over-the-top fantastic and the man going nuts on the canvas is Alex Horley Orlandelli, who is also known for his great drawings for Marvel comics, Heavy Metal magazine and Image comics.”

In other news, BLOOD TSUNAMI has announced the addition of former GLUECIFER bassist Stu Manx to the group’s ranks.


Pete – Lead Guitar and Vocals
Dor – Lead Guitar
Faust – Drums
Stu – Bass

BLOOD TSUNAMI previously worked with Øivind Voldmo Larsen at Lion Heart Studios on their Demo 2005, which can still be heard on the band’s official MySpace page.


EMPEROR Announce Additional Performances

Notodden, Norway: After triumphantly headlining the annual Wacken Open Air Festival and completing recent capacity performances in America, EMPEROR have announced two additional performances for 2006. Scheduled Saturday, October 7, EMPEROR will headline the fifth annual Motstoy Festival in the band’s hometown of Notodden. Formed in 2002 by local youth and supportive arts organizations, this year’s festival will also include appearances by RED HARVEST, MORTIIS, SHE SAID DESTROY and PAGAN’S MIND, among others.

“The Motstoy Festival is a non-profit organization situated in Notodden that my company Mnemosyne Productions has endorsed since its start in 2002,” says vocalist/guitarist Ihsahn. “As it is a no-alcohol arrangement with no age limit, it is a great opportunity for EMPEROR to play a local show and at the same time give younger fans a chance to see us live.” Ticket and sponsorship information can be found at the festival’s official site located at www.motstoy.com.

EMPEROR additionally confirm their return to England for an exclusive engagement at the famed London Astoria. Scheduled Saturday, October 28 the show will feature supporting performances from Candlelight Recording artist TO-MERA and Nocturnal Art Productions recording artist SHE SAID DESTROY.

“It’s great to finally come back to England with EMPEROR,” says Samoth. “England is where we first started out in the early 90’s; signing to Candlelight Records and heading out on our first real tour. We’ve always had a strong following in England, both press and fans, and we’ve built up a strong relationship throughout the years with the folks at Candlelight Records and Plastic Head, so it was a very obvious choice for us to return to the United Kingdom. All hail & see you soon!”

The recently announced EMPEROR guitar tablature book, Scattered Ashes: A Decade of Emperial Wrath, will see worldwide release in time for the London performance. The 132-page oversized book featuring foreword and transcriptions by Ihsahn will include original tabs for thirteen EMPEROR classics contained on the band’s 2003 compilation of the same name.

Candlelight II: Phoenix Rising Tour with ENSLAVED, DARK FUNERAL

Candlelight Records today proudly announces its second North American label tour package. Set to kick off January 9, Candlelight II: Phoenix Rising will feature the long-awaited stateside return of DARK FUNERAL (Sweden), ENSLAVED (Norway) and introduce newcomers ABIGAIL WILLIAMS (USA). The tour will visit 20-plus cities before concluding on February 4.

DARK FUNERAL guitarist/founding member Lord Ahriman says, “since we announced the first European tour dates for our latest album Attera Totus Sanctus earlier this year, there has been a constant and completely overwhelming flow of mails from the US and Canada asking when the hell we will tour North America. Well finally dates are being booked! Last time we toured the US supporting CANNIBAL CORPSE in 2002 we had a blast. Everyone we met during that tour was really cool. The crowd was totally awesome. It’ll be killer to finally return overseas! I have the feeling that this is going to be one hell of a tour and we hope see you in January!”

ENSLAVED guitarist Ivar Bjornson adds, “I have awaited this moment since I don’t know when and now it is official: an extensive ENSLAVED tour in North America is becoming reality. We have been working every possible angle of getting over to present our music for years. We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at the shows. You won’t be disappointed; neither will we.”

Dates and ticket on sale information for Candlelight II: Phoenix Rising will be announced shortly.

New VADER mp3 Posted Online

Candlelight Records has premiered “Shadow Fear” from VADER‘s forthcoming album, Impressions in Blood, at the label’s official Myspace page. Bring your browser to www.myspace.com/candlelightrecordsusa to have your first listen.

Following the success of The Art of War, the band’s masterful EP released earlier this year, Impressions in Blood showcases why the world has long praised this highly regarded band’s now signature sound and style. Realized at Hertz Studios with the production team of Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawscy, the album features artwork by rising artist Seth (PARADISE LOST, ROTTING CHRIST). Its blazing speed (faster than fan favorite Litany!) is a turbulent metal ride that fans have long asked for and now finally receive. It is a corrosive and addictive metal offering.

Together since 1986, VADER have become one of metal’s most respected and prolific bands. Their extensive discography, now spanning eighteen individual recordings plus servearl videos and dvds, has sold nearly one million records worldwide. And till this day the band remain true road warriors, performing over 200 shows each year to a loyal and continually growing audience; the band most recently headlined the successful Metal Crusaders Tour (also featuring KATAKLYSM, labelmates DESTRUCTION, GRAVEWORM and more).