Members of INTRONAUT, ABYSMAL DAWN, THE FACELESS Surface BEREFT Project; Listen to New Song

BEREFT, a Los Angeles based doom band featuring Sacha Dunable of INTRONAUT/GRAVITON (guitars, backing vocals), Derek Donley of NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW/GRAVITON (drums, backing vocals), Charles Elliot of ABYSMAL DAWN (vocals, guitars), and Derek Rydquist formerly of THE FACELESS (bass, backing vocals), have posted a new song, “Withered Efflorescence“, on their Facebook page.

“This will give everyone a taste of what this band is about; dark, depressing, doom,” commented Charles Elliott. “Definitely different from what we do in our usual bands. It’s heavy as hell and we’re all really proud how the record and collaboration came out, and we hope people feel the same way.

“On this particular track Sacha and Derek D. worked together on the music while Derek R. and I worked on the lyrics. I’ve always envisioned vocal tradeoffs with Sacha on this one, ever since the demo he sent me years ago, so that’s what you hear on the chorus.

“This project has been on the back burner since 2008, so we hope people enjoy finally listening to it as much as we do.”

The debut album from BEREFT was recorded and mixed by drummer Derek Donley. Mastering has handled by Brian Elliott (EXHUMED, DYING FETUS) at Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, FL.

The band will be playing their first show on September 30th at The Handbag Factory in Downtown, Los Angeles.

ABYSMAL DAWN Issue Studio Update

Los Angeles death metallers, ABYSMAL DAWN, are currently recording the follow-up to their Relapse debut at Trench Studio with John Haddad (PHOBIA, INTRONAUT, HIRAX). The as-yet-untitled album will be mixed by Erik Rutan (CANNIBAL CORPSE, GOATWHORE, HATE ETERNAL) at his Mana Recording Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. A fall release is expected.

Main man Charles Elliot issued the following update: “We recently wrapped up recording drums at Trench Studios and the final product is incredible! I think we really got some amazing tones this time and Scott [Fuller] delivered an amazing over the top drum performance. Our music has definitely become more demanding technically and Scott really stepped things up in the drum department. We really wanted to get a natural drum sound so the guys in RECIPROCAL were kind enough to let us rent their top of the line Pearl kit from them. Thanks a lot guys!

“Right now I’m currently laying down all the rhythm guitar tracks with Mike Bear (ARTISAN, ex-PROTOTYPE) at Artisan Road Studios in Encino, CA. For those of you that are keeping track, Mike played bass on our first album From Ashes and played a few shows locally with us in the early days. I’ve known Mike since our bands first played together with DEATH at the Whiskey in ’98 while I was still in high school. We became friends soon after and he even filled in on bass for my old band INHUMAN VISIONS back then. Recording my guitar tracks with him has been a true pleasure and his attention to detail is impeccable. Mike Cosio also started tracking bass with him recently and his know-how of the instrument has really helped Mike’s performance shine. Can’t wait to send everything to Erik Rutan to put the finishing touches on things. This will be the tightest and best ABYSMAL DAWN record yet!”

ABYSMAL DAWN Mixing New Album

Los Angeles’ ABYSMAL DAWN have been hard at work on their follow-up to 2005’s From Ashes album. Frontman Charles Elliot offered an update on the album’s progress and the band’s going ons:

“We’ve been in and out of John Haddad‘s (INTRONAUT, EYES OF FIRE) new studio since November and things are finally starting to come together.

“Following a bit of downtime finishing up some lyrics, vocals were tracked a few days after December 25th. After about six hours of intense screaming and growling my voice gave out, and I had to come back two days latter to track the rest. All that punishment was worth it though, because I’m very confident that these are the sickest vocals I’ve put to tape yet! We even had our friend Jacob from RECIPROCAL come in and do some guest vocals on the track ‘Twilight’s Fallen.’ Some very sick sounds will meet all your ears soon indeed!

“Everyone played their hearts out on this album and I think you can feel the intensity in all our performances. The mixing process is close to done and we can’t believe how heavy this one is sounding! Quite frankly, we feel this album is ABYSMAL DAWN‘s best yet and will destroy From Ashes by far! Maybe it’s just us though, so we’ll let you be the judge.

Pär Olofsson (PSYCROPTIC, SUICIDE SILENCE) has been working on the new cover and his rough sketches are breath taking to say the least! We can’t wait for the final version because we know it’s going to be some of his best work yet!

“Other than that, it’s time we came out of our hole and laid waste to these lands once again. We have one show scheduled in February so far, and we intend on playing out a lot more prior to the album’s release. We’re working on a few mini-tours so come out and support if we make it to your town!”

Here is the info for the band’s February show: