BEASTMILK: Co-Founding Guitarist Leaves; New Band Name Announced

Finland’s BEASTMILK have been extremely busy these days. First, they have parted ways with co-founding guitarist Johan “goatspeed” Snell. Thus, the remaining members felt the need to change the band’s name to GRAVE PLEASURES moving forward.

ORANSSI PAZUZU guitarist Juho Vanhanen also joins the ranks for live/studio purposes. The band will have two guitarists now, including Linnea Olsson (THE OATH, SONIC RITUAL).

Additionally, GRAVE PLEASURES are working on their major label deal debut.

Read the rest of the details at the band’s Facebook page.

CODE – Augur Nox

Code  - Augur NoxThe truth is that the vast majority of black metal bands that have arrived on the scene long after the legendary scenes in Norway and Sweden made their marks have been nothing to rave about.  Most of the newcomers have been too derivative and/or falling short in the quality department.  This is precisely why CODE‘s new album, Augur Nox, is of importance.

Continuing the avant garde and progressive spirit of Norwegian black metal, the UK’s CODE dish out a unique style on their own.   CODE is not about being Satanic, necro, or aggressive throughout.  Rather the band is fiercely modern sounding with a strong dynamic range.  In many ways, it’s like a marriage between the technical and riffing proficiency of NEVERMORE with the progressive and compelling atmospheres and dynamics of contemporary ENSLAVED.  Speaking of the latter characteristic, CODE always create a strong feel or tone with each track.

Throughout Augur Nox, you can’t help but feel the novelty, the freshness of it all.  You haven’t quite heard these riffs before nor this style before.  It’s difficult yet great to not able to categorize this album into a commonly used descriptor.  Overall,  the songs on Augur Nox are always building towards something.  The band never simply blast out fast songs nor trudge along.  In a way, the songs are subtle and understated in a clandestine, obscure manner.

If you’re ready to step forward with the new breed of black metal, then CODE‘s Augur Nox is a mandatory destination.  (Agonia Records)

Video of the Day: CODE Dishes out British Black Metal With “Glimlight Tourist”

If you’re looking for a fresh sound in black metal, check out CODE‘s new album, Augur Nox.  These Brits have released a new video off of the album for “Glimlight Tourist.”  Check it out below.

These guys may not grace the cover of the big metal mags but who cares.  Do you really need to gush over the same bands rehashing their previous albums?

CODE to Release New Album this Spring

Avantgarde black metal band, CODE, are set to release a new album, Resplendent Grotesque, on Tabu Records this spring (date TBD).  The band, featuring guitarist Aort, bassist Vicotnik (DHG), vocalist Kvohst (DHG), and drummer Adrian Erlandsson (CRADLE OF FILTH, AT THE GATES), will be making a live appearance at the forthcoming Inferno festival in Norway on April 11th.

Samples from Resplendent Grotesque will be posted on the band’s MySpace page: