CONVERGE “All We Love We Leave Behind” U.S. Tour Announced

Hardcore heroes CONVERGE will be going out on tour this Fall in support of their upcoming album, All We Love We Leave Behind.  Coming along for the ride are TORCHE, KVELERTAK, and NAILS and WHIPS/CHAINS for select dates.   Check out the tour dates.  How can you not come out and see this tour?

All We Love We Leave Behind will be released on October 9th, 2012 on Epitaph Records/Deathwish Inc.  Check out a track from CONVERGE‘s recent split release with NAPALM DEATH below.

CONVERGE and NAPALM DEATH Split 7″EP Coming Soon

Legendary bands CONVERGE and NAPALM DEATH have come together for a split release on Deathwish Inc.

Recorded as part of their new album sessions, CONVERGE offer up the blazing new song “No Light Escapes.” Also on the release, CONVERGE offer a “We Are the World” styled rendition of the influential ENTOMBED classic “Wolverine Blues.” Joining them in tribute is a number of friends including Tomas Lindberg (DISFEAR, AT THE GATES, LOCK UP), Aaron Turner (ISIS, OLD MAN GLOOM, SPLIT CRANIUM), Kevin Baker (APMD, THE HOPE CONSPIRACY), Brian Izzi (TRAP THEM), and more. A new CONVERGE album will surface later in 2012 on Epitaph/Deathwish Inc.

On the flip side, metal pioneers NAPALM DEATH offer up two new aural monsters. First, “Will By Mouth” erupts in classic grind fashion. Also on the release, NAPALM DEATH offer the slower and textural new song “No Impediment To Triumph (Bhopal)“. A deeply resonant number that lyrically sheds light on the horrific Bhopal Gas Tragedy of 1984.


While we all eagerly await for new full length records from hardcore/punk heavyweights, CONVERGE and DROPDEAD, the aforementioned bands have given us a little morsel to satiate our hunger. This 7″ inch split release features one song from each band. So yeah, two songs total may not sound like much but please withhold judgment until you hear them. It may sound totally cliche but these songs are adrenaline shots of energy.

CONVERGE‘s “Runaway” sounds like the song title implies. Kurt Ballou‘s guitar roars like an elephant on the loose before the band blast forward with a verse riff that could fit on any Scandinavian black metal album. The other CONVERGE trademarks, powerhouse drumming, bulldozer bass, and scathing vocals, are all here. This is the way 2:05 of pure intensity should sound.

DROPDEAD‘s “Paths of Glory” is even more succinct. Ultra tight with catchy vocal lines, the band only holds back the tempo for a bit near the end just to stretch out before the speed returns again.

This split is a nice little nugget that helps to celebrate both bands’ twenty years bashing out great music. (Deathwish Inc.)

RISE AND FALL Provide Recording Update, Announce Tour Dates

From the RISE AND FALL camp:

“We’re in the process of writing a new record and contrary to past writing experiences where, unfortunately, the comparison with “some kind of monster” came to mind more than once, this time around the experience is actually an inspiring and really creative one. Together with our new drummer Wim, who is now a full time member of RISE AND FALL, we have written a great deal of songs and the record is slowly coming together in our heads. Early March we are doing preproduction and early May we will enter the infamous Godcity studio in Salem, MA (USA) with Kurt Ballou to record our 4th full length album.”

The recording session will be followed by a short tour of the North-East of the USA in May with Southern Lord recording artists MASAKARI. Go here for tour dates.

CONVERGE Announce Limited Edition On My Shield 7″ EP

CONVERGE will be releasing a self-released, limited edition 7″ EP of the song “On My Shield“. The band recorded the song at Godcity studios between their 2010 “Axe to Fall” U.S. and European tours.

On My Shield” will be limited to 3000 copies, and be available in three different colors. Side A will feature the “On My Shield” song, while side B will feature a laser etching.

The EP will be available exclusively through the following:

  • Color #1 (limited to 1000): Direct from the band on their “Axe to Fall” European tour
  • Color #2 (limited to 1000): Through the official CONVERGE Estore (available after the tour)
  • Color #3 (limited to 1000): Vinyl retailers can purchase this wholesale via Deathwish Direct Distribution

Visit the band’s official website for up-to-date tour dates for their European tour:

CONVERGE Announce Axe to Fall 2010 U.S. Tour with COALESCE, HARVEY MILK, More

CONVERGE have announced their first slew of dates for their Axe to Fall 2010 U.S. Tour. Joining them on various dates will be COALESCE, HARVEY MILK, GAZA, LEWD ACTS, and BLACK BREATH. An additional special guest will be announced soon.

Dates are as follows:

04/30: TBA @ TBA w/ Special guest, LEWD ACTS, and more
05/01: TBA @ TBA w/ Special guest, LEWD ACTS, and more
05/02: TBA @ TBA w/ Special guest, LEWD ACTS, and more
05/03: TBA @ TBA w/ Special guest, LEWD ACTS, and more
05/04: TBA @ TBA w/ Special guest, LEWD ACTS, and more
05/05: TBA @ TBA w/ Special guest, LEWD ACTS, and more
05/06: TBA @ TBA w/ Special guest, LEWD ACTS, and more
05/06: TBA @ TBA w/ Special guest, LEWD ACTS, and more
05/07: Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop w/ LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/08: Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick w/ LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH, and more
05/09: Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge w/ LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH, and more
05/10: Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck w/ COALESCE, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/11: Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre w/ COALESCE, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/13: Seattle, WA @ Neumo’s w/ COALESCE, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/14: Portland, OR @ Satyricon w/ COALESCE, GAZA, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/15: San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s w/ COALESCE, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/16: CA @ TBA w/ TBA
05/17: Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction w/ COALESCE, GAZA, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/18: Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre w/ COALESCE, GAZA, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/19: Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse w/ COALESCE, GAZA, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/22: TX @ TBA w/ TBA
05/23: Tulsa, OK @ The Marquee w/ GAZA, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/25: Memphis, TN @ The Hi Tone w/ GAZA, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/26: Louisville, KY @ TBA w/ GAZA, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/27: Nashville, TN @ Rockettown w/ HARVEY MILK, GAZA, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH
05/28: Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade w/ HARVEY MILK, GAZA, LEWD ACTS, BLACK BREATH

05/30: Baltimore, MD @ Maryland Deathfest w/ ENTOMBED, OBITUARY, 16, and more

Check out our recent interview with CONVERGE:

CONVERGE: A Conversation with CONVERGE

In 2009, Boston’s CONVERGE unleashed, Axe to Fall, an album equalling, if not topping, their acclaimed Jane Doe album, managing to titillate those with even the highest of expectations. Staying true to their style, the band bare their souls in a most caustic mix of hardcore and metal that resonates with sheer heart and honesty.

CONVERGE recently whipped through North America on an unusually larger (sponsored) tour with DETHKLOK, MASTODON, and HIGH ON FIRE. This was a unique opportunity for the band to showcase their powerful and unceremoniously raw live performance to a younger and more diverse audience.

APESHIT caught up with vocalist Jake Bannon and guitarist Kurt Ballou during their Los Angeles stop to chat about the tour, the new album, and what makes CONVERGE, CONVERGE.
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It’s that time where we take a look back on the year as 2009 comes to a close. So we, the APESHIT goons, asked ourselves, what albums moved us, kicked our asses, and reminded us of why we love metal (and music)? Read on for our top albums of 2009…
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CONVERGE @ The Palladium, Hollywood (11/20/09)

[slidepress gallery=’converge-091120′]

Because, one show wasn’t enough, we paid CONVERGE a visit to their second show with DETHKLOK, MASTODON, and HIGH ON FIRE at The Palladium in Hollywood. They brought it raw and real firing on all cylinders like seasoned pros, yet never watering down their delivery.

Playing to a largely unsuspecting crowd, who were mostly there for TV-show supported DETHKLOK and rising stars MASTODON, CONVERGE‘s brutal set of emotional and extreme hardcore caught most of the kids off guard. Regardless, they laid it all out as if playing in a gymnasium of faithfuls.

Check out some more live photos of CONVERGE doing their thing…