SOILWORK, DARKANE @ The Key Club, Hollywood (3/8/09)

SOILWORK and DARKANE–a Swedish melodic death metal match made in heaven (err… hell?) A pairing along the lines of today’s version of an IN FLAMES/DARK TRANQUILLITY caliber pairing. This wasn’t about played out brutal death metal or dripping-with-corpsepaint black metal. This was about melody and shred-ology. And shred they did.

Openers, DARKANE, stirred up the pit with some delicious guitar-flexing songs despite having a vacancy in the second guitarist slot. (Guitarist Klas Ideberg has not been with the band due to illness and his replacement, Toby Knapp, was also sidelined due to illness.)

But this band is all about guitarist, Christopher Malmström, and drummer, Peter Wildoer. The two are exceptionally technical, yet every bit tasteful in their style, and together on stage tonight, both were tighter than a pair of power metal skinny jeans.

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SOILWORK Post Video for “20 More Miles”; Kick Off Tour on Friday

SOILWORK, who are set to kick off their North American tour with DARKANE this Friday, have posted their new music video for the track, “20 More Miles.” Watch it now:

[myspacetv 50860015]

The clip contains footage from the band’s recent European and World Tour with footage from Australia, Japan, Russia, and Malaysia (including the Electric Weekend Festival with METALLICA), and was edited by Olle Carlsson. The song “20 More Miles” is off the band’s latest album, Sworn to a Great Divide.

Visit the band’s MySpace page for tour info and tickets:


DAYLIGHT DIES will join SOILWORK and DARKANE for the start of their upcoming US tour beginning January 30 in Rochester, New York. Continuing to support their latest record, Lost to the Living, DAYLIGHT DIES were selected to replace WARBRINGER who are unable to start the tour due to extended recording obligations. “We are all ecstatic about the opportunity to tour with three bands we are huge fans of,” says bassist Egan O’Rourke. “We have been cranking SOILWORK in the van since our first tour so it will be a true honor to get to share stages with them.”

Released June 24, Lost to the Living is the North Carolina-based band’s second album for Candlelight Records. Mixed by Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA) and featuring artwork from Travis Smith (AMON AMARTH, PARADISE LOST), the album features nine new songs. “We were extremely pleased to see the glowing response to Lost to the Living from the media,” notes drummer Jesse Haff. “It’s especially rewarding to see the continued love from fans towards this album.”

Confirmed dates are noted below. Tickets are available now via

1/30/2009 Penny Arcade – Rochester, NY
1/31/2009 Harpo’s – Detroit, MI
2/02/2009 The Muse – Nashville, TN
2/03/2009 Jack Rabbits – Jacksonville, FL
2/04/2009 The Garage – St. Petersburg, FL
2/05/2009 Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2/06/2009 Backbooth – Orlando, FL
2/07/2009 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
2/08/2009 Music Farm – Charleston, SC
2/09/2009 Amos Southend – Charlotte, NC

DARKANE Announce New Singer

Sweden’s DARKANE have announced a new vocalist following the resignation of former singer Andreas Sidow.  Guitarist Christopher Malmström made the following annoucement:

DARKANE would like to welcome Jens Broman as our new vocalist! He’s recently been seen in the vocal spot in CONSTRUCDEAD and THE DEFACED (and will continue to sing in both bands). Jens grew up in Glumslöv, south of Helsingborg (a good friend of Björn Strid from SOILWORK), but now lives in Stockholm. His live debut with us will take place in three weeks at the ProgPower Scandinavia festival in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 10th. We’ve been rehearsing hard lately and are very excited to work together with Jens. He has a huge vocal diversity and we are pretty sure that DARKANE fans won’t be disappointed. We had our interests set on Jens at a very early stage and would like to thank all the people who showed their interest in joining DARKANE as our vocalist. We wish you all the success in the future, and we’d also like to congratulate Peter [Wildoer, drummer] and [his longtime girlfriend] Erika for getting engaged a few weeks back.”

Last month, Peter Wildoer revealed that DARKANE has “about nine songs ready to record” for their upcoming fifth studio album, despite the fact that the band’s Not Quite Studio suffered an extensive amount of damage due to flooding two months ago.

SCARVE: Thrashing Young Lads

France generally isn’t the first, second, third, or fourth European country you think of when you think of “metal,” but France’s SCARVE is putting their stamp on the metal world one album at a time. 2004’s impressive Irradiant piqued ears and garnered comparisons to MESHUGGAH and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. That year also saw drummer, Dirk Verbeuren, join Sweden’s SOILWORK. Despite seemingly unending singer woes, SCARVE dropped their latest, The Undercurrent, to an unsuspecting public. The Undercurrent is a dynamic album of gobsmacking technical metallic goodness. APESHIT pinned down the ever-busy Dirk to tell us more about France’s latest stars on the up and up.

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DARKANE Vocalist Resigns After Seven Years

Vocalist, Andreas Sydow, has announced his resignation from Sweden’s DARKANE following seven years and three albums. Here is a statement direct from Sydow:

“The time has come, my friends for me to step down from my position as vocalist of the greatest band in the world!

“I feel I’ve reached a stand still in the creative process with DARKANE and together we came to the decision to let fresh blood into the band for the upcoming fifth album. DARKANE is constantly evolving and I’m sure that this ignition will be great for the band.

“We certainly part ways as very good friends and we’re in fact still working together on finishing the long awaited DVD. Hopefully the DARKANE Layers of Live DVD will be released this autumn and, in a way, sum up my 7 years with DARKANE and be the perfect closure.

“I feel very honoured and privileged to have been a part of such a great musicianship as DARKANE and I have tons of great memories from all we’ve experienced together. I’m really gonna miss it!

“I want to send out a great big thanks to all the people I’ve met and gotten to know over these 7 years! To all family and friends for supporting me and the band. To all the great bands we’ve met, played and toured with, especially to Devin Townsend (I wouldn’t have made it through the U.S. without you!). To all the crew that has helped us out over the years. To Erin Lynch for believing in us and coping with all our bad habits, misshapes, accidents and illnesses (You sure are the DARKANE tour mama!). To the Nuclear Blast crew, in Europe as well as in the USA (Thanks for helping me fulfill one of my biggest dreams, Gerardo! Keep working those vocals, Loana, and keep your enthusiasm flowing!). To all the fanzine’s that spread the word about Metal all over the world. Your work is extremely important and appreciated! And finally a HUGE thanks to all the fans all over the world for coming to the shows and supporting DARKANE! You are my, and DARKANE‘s, true inspiration!”

DARKANE issued the following statement in regard to Andreas’ departure:

“Thank you Andreas!

“We can look back at seven great years together with Andreas. He joined us as a stand in for Lawrence [Mackrory] on a small tour with SOILWORK and NAGLFAR in March 1999. After the first show of the tour it was clear that he was the guy we were looking for! Since then Andreas has sung on three albums and participated on tours with DARKANE in Europe, US, Japan and Israel. We have had a lot of fun together and Andreas has always been the helpful, happy and friendly guy in the band.

“We sure are gonna miss you, and we know that you’ll reach a lot of success with whatever you do in the future! We would like to wish you all the happiness and success and thanks a lot for being a part of DARKANE!”

In the meantime, the band will continue to look for a replacement for Andreas.

SCARVE – The Undercurrent

France’s SCARVE forge ahead with their futuristic style of progressive death metal in The Undercurrent. While it’s obvious that the band are influenced by the likes of MESHUGGAH and STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, comparisons at this point are basically irrelevant as SCARVE have carved out their unique sound. The band has met the task of creating a worthy follow-up to the highly impressive Irradiant with an album that is more challenging, accomplished, and arguably more creative. The Undercurrent is the perfect mix of raging fury, technical prowess, and tasteful progressive influences. There is a great level of energy and consistency in quality flowing throughout The Undercurrent, which helps to create such a solid feel. Ex-DARKANE vocalist Lawrence Mackrory does a fine job in replacing the departed Guillaume Bideau. Songwise, there is plenty of diversity and character among the memorable songs. Perhaps where The Undercurrent shines brightest is not in the obvious fast, straight forward song sections but in the clever and highly refreshing riff writing, the flawless tempo shifts throughout, the variety of different drum/guitar/bass rhythms, and the shifts between raging to desolate atmospheres. SCARVE is the ideal metal package – a fresh, distinct sound; strong songwriting skills; a high level of technical wizardry; and the talent to execute their artistic vision. The future of metal is now. (Listenable Records)