First BEASTMILK Releases Finally Coming to the U.S.

To satisfy the rabid demand for BEASTMILK‘s first releases, White Stains on Black Wax and Use Your Deluge, Magic Bullet Records will bring them to the U.S. on October 14, 2014.

Initially issued as a self-released cassette in 2010, which Fenriz of DARKTHRONE praised in his Band Of The Week features, several hundred copies of the White Stains on Black Tape demo tape sold out immediately. The strength of the material on White Stains on Black Tape garnered the attention and appreciation of Finland’s Svart Records, who issued the songs on vinyl in 2011. In the years to follow, the 7” and tape became cult favorites amongst rabid underground music fans.

Use Your Deluge was originally issued as a four-song 7” in 2012. Early discoverers of the EP were treated to the apocalyptic post punk brilliance that the rest of the world would come to clamor for a year later with the band’s Climax LP.

No more getting ripped off on ebay.

APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2013

carcass.surgicalsteelOnce again, another fruitful year in extreme music draws to a close.  We saw some long awaited comebacks by legends, three quarters of the original SABBATH line up, VOIVOD and CARCASS.  The godfathers of U.S. death metal had a healthy year with strong releases by SUFFOCATION, DEICIDE, and IMMOLATION.  We also saw young superstars, GHOST B.C. and KVELERTAK, release good sophomore albums.  Perhaps the most polarizing and criticized album is SATYRICON‘s self-titled album, which was roasted by the majority of the media and fans.

Among the mountains of releases, there is one album that we’ll gush about again and again, and that’s CARCASS‘ comeback album, Surgical Steel.  There are always good and interesting albums coming out all the time, and then there are the untouchable albums that only the legendary bands could create.  Surgical Steel scorches everything in its path and clearly shows that in the pantheon of active bands, they are at the top.

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Nocturno Culto's Gift of the Gods - ReceiveIf you’ve heard DARKTHRONE‘s latest album, The Underground Resistance, then you’ll have a good idea of what NOCTURNO CULTO’S GIFT OF GODS project sounds like.

Nocturnal Culto goes it alone on this project laying down all the instruments and recording duties.  GIFT OF GODS is heavy metal that celebrates the decadence and bombastic elements without being mucked in heavy metal cheesiness.  Naturally, there is underlying thread of black metal and old school doom that helps to keep things on a darker, serious tone.  Expect long songs with dynamic changes providing some excellent song progressions.  The EP has long instrumental sections that take off on their own.  Tasty riffs and guitar leads are all over the place on Receive.  He utilizes his full range of vocal stylings from clean, traditional metal vocals to the harsh, distorted ones he uses in DARKTHRONE.

Judging by the results, Nocturno Culto is more than qualified to operate as a one-man project.  GIFT OF GODSReceive is a good starting point for what could evolve into very strong LPs.  (Peaceville Records)

DARKTHRONE – The Underground Resistance

Darkthrone - The Underground ResistanceThe og Norwegian black metal gods again prove that they can be counted on for quality.  The Underground Resistance is ugly, black, but also loose and free.  DARKTHRONE inject a good amount of their traditional heavy metal and thrash influences, complete with guitar solos, into this record.  You won’t find much crust punk here.

There are only a total of six tracks but the band get in and do what they gotta do and get right out.  A Viking-era BATHORY tribute can be found in “Valkyrie” with its acoustic guitar intro, run away train pace, and epic clean vocals.  “Lesser Men” has a tasty guitar solo that finishes off the song in classic 80’s metal fashion.  “The Ones You Left Behind” has that ugly DARKTHRONE riffing combined with some balls out clean vocals.  Listen for the cool instrumental section towards the second half of the song.  “Come Warfare, The Entire Doom” starts off like a classic CANDLEMASS song before picking up speed and getting into some serious riffage.  The band save the best for last with “Leave No Cross Unturned.”  You know this song is going to be good once you hear the falsettos in the beginning.  The song is easily a new anthem for DARKTHRONE.

No, The Underground Resistance is not likely to change your life.  However, it packs a nice punch and shows that DARKTHRONE can be a pretty damn good heavy metal/thrash band when they want to be.  Leave no cross unturned!  (Peaceville Records)

New Track from DARKTHRONE’s The Underground Resistance Posted Online

Norwegian legends DARKTHRONE have their new album, The Underground Resistance, set for a February 25, 2013 release date via Peaceville Records.  The album contains only six tracks and was written & recorded spring 2010 to summer 2012 at Necrohell 2 Studios by the band.  Cover artwork also comes courtesy of artist Jim Fitzpatrick.

Check out the title track:

DARKTHRONE Launches Minisite for Circle the Wagons

Norway’s legendary black metal duo, DARKTHRONE, has launched a mini-site at for their forthcoming album, Circle the Wagons, containing exclusive audio samples, album info, and more. The mini-site can be viewed at

The album is due out on vinyl on March 8th, through the Peaceville Records webstore, and regular and special edition CD on April 6th (US).

Fans can preorder both the vinyl and CD editions of Circle the Wagons through the new mini-site, and those who sign up for the DARKTHRONE mailing list will receive a free download of a track off the new album.

Circle the Wagons tracklist:

Side A
1. “Those Treasures Will Never Befall You
2. “Running for Borders
3. “I am the Graves of the 80s
4. “Stylized Corpse

Side B
5. “Circle the Wagons
6. “Black Mountain Totem
7. “I am the Working Class
8. “Eyes Burst at Dawn??
9. “Bränn Inte Slottet

Artwork for the album comes once again courtesy of Dennis Dread, notable for his talents on previous DARKTHRONE albums, F.O.A.D and 2008’s Dark Thrones and Black Flags.

Drummer/vocalist, Fenriz, can also be seen in the black metal documentary, Until the Light Takes Us, a film that takes viewers behind the scenes of the complex and largely misunderstood black metal movement that swept across Europe in the mid-nineties. Until the Light Takes Us is currently showing in independent theaters across North America and Europe. For more information head to

DARKTHRONE’s Fenriz Releases Second Free Compilation for Vice Magazine

Fenriz of DARKTHRONE has compiled a second compilation for Vice Magazine called Trapped Under Vice Vol. II. In contrast to Vol. I‘s thrash metal mix, Vol. II is what Fenriz calls “soulful proto-metal (metal before there was metal)” from 1968-1978.

Here’s the tracklist:
1. FEVER TREE (USA) “Filigree & Shadow” (1968)
2. ICE CROSS (Iceland) “Jesus Freaks” (1978)
3. CARAVAN (UK) “Cecil Rons” (1968)
4. GUN (UK) “Race with the Devil” (1968)
5. SPOOKY TOOTH (UK) “Better by You, Better Than Me” (1969)
6. LUCIFER’S FRIEND (Germany/UK) “Lucifer’s Friend” (1970)
7. CACTUS (USA) “Parchman Farm” (1970)
8. SCORPION (USA) “Take A Look At Yourself” (1969)
9. SIT LORD BALTIMORE (USA) “Lady of Fire” (1970)
10. BLACK WIDOW (UK) “In Ancient Days” (1970)
11. THE OPEN MIND (UK) “Thor, the Thunder God” (1969)
12. FLAX (Norway) “Demon in Your Heart” (1976)
13. LOBBY LOYDE & TGE CIKIYRED BAKKS (Australia) “Human Being” (1973)
14. AMON DÜÜL II (Germany) “Archangel [Live]” (1975)
15. JANE (Germany) “Janesession” (1975)
16. BLACK OAK ARKANSAS (USA) “When Electricity Came to Arkansas [Live]” (1973)

Read the Vice Magazine announcement and download the compilation.

Fenriz and Nattefrost to Issue Split CD, Engangsgrill

DARKTHRONE‘s Fenriz and Nattefrost (of NATTEFROST and CARPATHIAN FOREST) will be releasing a split album called Engangsgrill via Indie Recordings. Fenriz‘ three tracks will be released under the moniker, FENRIZ’ RED PLANET, while Nattefrost‘s will be under NATTEFROST. Here is the track list:

1. “My Ship Sailed Without Me
2. “Jon Carter, Man On Mars
3. “Temple Of The Red Dawn Rising

Side Lustmord – NATTEFROST
4. “Nekronaut II Nekro Spirituals
5. “Uskyldighet
6. “Sin Goddammit
7. “Lustmord
8. “Humiliated And Pissed Upon

Here’s what Fenriz had to say about the release:

“In 1993, I asked Peaceville if I should make a solo doom metal project for them. they said yes. I had already started a solo doom project PILGRIM SANDS in 1989, but only one song was recorded. I did ISENGARD demo instead that summer.

“So I recorded 3 tracks, but suddenly i got caught up in ISENGARD again and at the same time I joined VALHALL again (I played there 88-89), and so these 3 songs were kept totally secret by me.

“The songs are inspired by REVELATION 2nd and 3rd demo from 1987 (this band was later signed on Lee Dorrian‘s label Rise Above, I think), BLACK SABBATH, TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM (USA), THE DOORS and also a song by SLEEP.

“It is sassy but really ultra-conservative doom metal I think.

“It will be out in the start of May. I think Roger told me it will be printed in 3500 CD’s and 500 vinyls. (It was on a bad phone line and I was stressed cuz I was on my way to take the bus to go tenting in the forest as usual.)”

Listen to NATTEFROST‘s “Nekronaut II Nekro Spirituals” on his MySpace page:

SOLEFALD Sign to Olso’s Indie Recordings; The Circular Drain Available for Order

Norwegian avant garde band, SOLEFALD, have announced their signing to Oslo, Norway’s Indie Recordings. The band expect their next album to be released next fall. The band’s compilation album, The Circular Drain, is now available via Season of Mist and Indie Recordings. Here is more from one-half of the band, Cornelius:

“Dear fanatics,

“I am happy to announce that SOLEFALD have inked a two-album deal with Indie Recordings in Oslo. After a twelve-year voyage over the foreign seas, it feels good to anchor in a Norwegian harbour. Indie having distributed our last releases thoroughly, we trust they will deliver in the campaign for our forthcoming albums.

“As Lazare is now the happy father of a little boy (born in late November – our congratulations!), and I am currently ill, our next album will be out in the early Fall 2009. We won’t go G’n’R on you, though – that is a promise!

“The first pressing of our compilation album ‘The Circular Drain‘ is going gently and steady. It is now distributed by Season of Mist in France and by Indie in Norway, which means that you can order the album through ordinary retailers in those countries.

“If you wish a Yule present for yourself or for someone you like, you can also order the album directly from me. I will ship incoming orders next Monday, meaning that you should receive the album before Yule (at least in Europe and the US – it takes a bit longer to reach Asian destinations). For quick delivery I recommend Americans to order here. Be sure to check out my experimental G.U.T. project as well – wicked crossover electro that might appeal to SOLEFALD fans, featuring a cover of DARKTHRONE‘s “Transilvanian Hunger“. You can order the SOLEFALD + G.U.T. cds for only 29.90 euros at at Von Jackhelln Inhuman’s MS page.

“I wish you a merry Yule, with plenty of happiness and love (screw the old hag Misery, she will come for you in January… ho ho!)