MUNICIPAL WASTE – The Fatal Feast – Waste in Space

What can I say?  THE WASTE have done it again with The Fatal Feast – Waste in Space and then some.  Now five full length releases into their career and it’s safe to say that the band continue to hone their talents.  Picking up where their the aptly titled Massive Aggressive left off, The Fatal Feast is ferocious and crunchy exercise in crossover mastery.

As with any MUNICIPAL WASTE release, the songs shift in varying degrees between different influences within the crossover spectrum such as brutal thrash, chugging hardcore, and melodic punk.  However, one major note is how THE WASTE have upped the ante in the prime riffing department as these riffs are just so damn satisfying and rank up there with the band’s best.  The other major characterstic that stands out is how the band’s has continued to improve in the songwriting department.  Of course the aggression, speed, and heaviness are there but the subtle nuances in the song structures to mix things up and add flavor and charisma are the real keys.

While every member of THE WASTE lays downs excellent performances, unheralded drumgod Dave Witte‘s performance is the star.  Where other drummers would simply stick the standard beats and fills, Dave adds his style and spice that helps the band surpass the majority.  His hyper fast fills and cymbal work are to be appreciated.

And despite the fact the band are often associated with the retro-thrash trend, there is nothing rehashed, dishonest, or tired sounding about The Fatal Feast.  This is the sound of a band enjoying the prime of their creativity. (Nuclear Blast Records)

MUNICIPAL WASTE – Massive Aggressive

After two excellent albums which put MUNICIPAL WASTE in the metal spotlight, the band continues its crossover assault with Massive Aggressive. The album features the band’s uber tight playing, breakneck tempos, and perhaps the most violent and brutal collection of songs that the band has written. Perhaps the latter characteristic was an intentional way to extinguish any doubt that the band are dead serious despite its “party” image.

Opening track, “Mech-Cannibal,” sets the pace but it isn’t until the fourth song, “Wolves of Chernobyl,” when the songs reach that high level of quality that fans have become accustomed to. The latter features an almost invincible, crunchy as hell riff for the chorus. “Relentless Threat” has some of the best arrangements in THE WASTE‘s catalogue. “Media Skeptic” may not only be one of their best songs but could also be an anthem for what defines “crossover.”

While Massive Aggressive may not necessarily be a better overall album compared to its predecessors, it’s still a strong album which sees THE WASTE showing growth via certain song structures, and upping the ante in the violence department. Most importantly, the band’s sound is still fresh, which is especially encouraging given their style, and full of vitality. (Earache Records)

MUNICIPAL WASTE: The Art of Thrashing

If there’s one band’s success that has forced labels scrambling to sign retro-thrash bands, it’s Richmond, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE. Taking the best of the worlds of classic punk, hardcore, and thrash, the band add their own attitude and style to create some of the best crossover music in decades. The WASTE‘s new album, The Art of Partying, does just that while continuing where 2005’s excellent Hazardous Mutation left off but with added thrashing fury. APESHIT hung out with vocalist, Tony Foresta and drumgod Dave Witte during one of the stops on their recent tour with SUICIDAL TENDENCIES. What we learned was that despite their comedy-induced image, MUNICIPAL WASTE are dead serious about their music.

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