DEFILED – Infinite Regress

Japan’s unique death metal veterans, DEFILED, have delivered a whopper of an album! Don’t believe me?  Check out the video below.  As always, the constant is guitarist Yusuke Sumita, and his chaotic riffs are on full display with an excellent complimentary lineup to forge his passion for underground death metal.

After the intro, Infinite Regress opens up with the dizzying track, “Divide and Conquer” and unloads a healthy mix of grind, blasts, and discordant riffs.  DEFILED is chock full of technical parts, but not the usual guitar noodling “sweep after sweep” garbage that has infiltrated the “technical metal” subgenre these days.

The production is hearty and crisp, without sacrificing any distortion crunch or having the drums getting buried in the mix.  However, don’t think this album is just a blast fest, as “Tragedy” starts with a mid-paced slew of riffs before showing their trademark off-time riffs and maniacal vocal lines.

Some great bass lines are thrown in “Aftermath,” and DEFILED’s catchiest material to date is offered here on tracks such as “Systematic Decomposition,”  “Masses in Chaos,” and “Slaverobot.”

DEFILED is a band that takes multiple listens before appreciating the whirlwind riffs and savagery of it all, and this album is no different.  So many riffs are unleashed everywhere but somehow it all comes together nicely with different tempo changes and great drum patterns.  The band should be extremely proud of this effort, and fans of classic riffage influenced by NAPALM DEATHTERRORIZERCRYPTOPSY (just to name a few) should enjoy this album immensely.  Last but not least, the sick work of Wes Benscoter graces the cover and solidifies this album as a great pick up in 2020. (Season of Mist)

DEFILED – In Crisis

Almost a decade has gone by since DEFILED‘s previous effort, Divination. And like most bands with revolving members, only a sole constant remains–their’s is guitarist Yusuke SumitaSumita forged on after many delays and problems with old members to lay the groundwork for the latest album by these Japanese metal warriors.

A soothing zen-like intro starts the album, only to be ravaged by the opening notes of “Lethal Agitator.” The furious bass guitar lines supplied by Haruhisa Takahata really shine and immediately fuels the kamikaze attack with parts that would put CANNIBAL CORPSE‘s Alex Webster to shame. DEFILED‘s music is not for the weak, as the riffs have an old school vibe with many strange twists and turns in tempo and time changes. Unexpected chords and strange riffing somehow seems harmonious with the slapped bass and blast beats.

Retrogression” and “Unconscious Slavery” have hints of old MONSTROSITY and other old school Florida death metal bands from the early 90’s. Tracks like “Paradoxical Chaos” or “Intolerant,” are chaotic and haphazard, but the songwriting on In Crisis still shows the band’s growth. Songs now flow smoother, as opposed to having riffs thrown together for the sake of sounding crazy. Vocalist Kenji Sato spews growls that are nothing out of the ordinary, but he gets the job done. “Revelation of Doom,” one of DEFILED‘s best tracks in their discography, closes out this extreme album, with an emphasis on “extreme.”

The middle of the album does stagnate a bit due to the constant speed and general lack of hooks, In Crisis is one of those albums where one appreciates the complexity of all the dynamics after hitting the play button time and time again. DEFILED is certainly not for everyone, as their music is not straightforward at all, but if you want to hear mind boggling riffs, with time changes crazier than IMMOLATION can ever produce, this is the band for you. (Season of Mist)

Japan’s DEFILED Announce Their Return

Seven years after their last collaboration, Season of Mist and DEFILED are joining forces again. The label is pleased to welcome back the Japanese death metallers in the fold.

“Our long awaited new album, ‘In Crisis‘ is finally at hand,” band leader Yusuke Sumita comments. “Since our previous effort ‘Divination‘ (released on Season of Mist in 2003), SOM have been waiting for a new DEFILED album, so we are very proud to be back home on Season of Mist, the best label on this planet.”

In Crisis, DEFILED‘s fourth full-length, has been scheduled for a January 17th, 2011 (January 25th in the US) release.